The importance in the professional skills of a football coach


What is important in the professional capabilities of a soccer coach?

First of all, the coach has to ask himself WHY wants to be a coach and what variables can affect him or her being able to get the most out of it. From this self-knowledge analysis, you should assess the following variables:

  • Human Profile: We have to know how to analyze and how to detect errors, what are our personal limitations, game beliefs (typologies) and the attitudes we may have. The emotional value is very important.
  • Limitations as a human: Know how far you can go in terms of knowledge of the game, communication, types of impulsiveness.
  • Emotional value: as a coach, we have to know how to gauge what we transmit with our emotions, both positive and negative (know how to win and lose). It also includes a player's mistakes, when things don't work out or when the opposite happens. We will have to forget about external aspects of football and draw up a plan to give more or less strength to what interests us.

We summarize this in:

"Better emotional management, greater emotional performance.".

What we recommend from FutbolLab is that we always try to get the maximum emotional performance from the players. To make it easier, we can look at figures of coaches who can transmit what we want to say to the players and from there, copy in order to improve.

As a coach, you will have to know how to analyze yourself. In this way, you will know if you are always excusing yourself and creating a bad atmosphere in your players and in the locker room or if you are a person who always blames him/herself.

Another tip we recommend you use when communicating with your players and/or your staff technique is the technique of the "4 positive impulses and 1 negative". If we say:

"Guys, we've done this thing right, this one, this one, and this one BUT this one we've done wrong."

In this way, we emphasize the positive and without failing to clarify that we have made a mistake. We continue to keep that positive emotion in the players.

The objective of all this is nothing more than trying to have absolute control to lead and guide our team to success, whether it is winning a match or a competition. Acting with these attitudes will be differential when we play against other teams.

"Improve yourself and your team will improve.".

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