The 20 foundations of Julian Nagelsmann's work philosophy in modern football

Julian Nagelsmann is a German soccer coach who He has been very successful in his short career. Below are 20 important aspects of their work philosophy:

1. Adaptation to circumstances:

Nagelsmann believes that each team and each game are different, so it is important to adapt to circumstances and not follow a preconceived formula.

2. Offensive:

Nagelsmann He prefers to play an offensive and attractive football, focused on the attack and possession of the ball.

3. High pressure:

Nagelsmann cRee to press the opposite team in your own half, to force mistakes and recover the ball quickly.

4. Block defense:

For Nagelsmann It is important that the team defends in block and that each player is responsible for their part of the field.

5. Intensity:

Nagelsmann demands that their players work with intensity and concentration at all times, both in training and in parties.

6. Tactics:

Nagelsmann Believe the importance of tactics and in need of studying the opposite team to prepare the game.

7. Innovation:

Nagelsmann You are always looking for new ideas and approaches to improve your work and team performance.

8. Winning mentality:

Nagelsmann encourages a winning mentality on his team, and He believes that trust and determination are fundamental to achieve success.

9. Development of young players:

Nagelsmann He has demonstrated a great ability to develop the talent of young players and give them the opportunity to prove their worth.

10. Teamwork:

Nagelsmann Believes the importance of teamwork and in the need for all players to be committed to the objectives of the team.

11. Clear communication:

Nagelsmann sE communicates clearly and directly with its players, to make sure everyone is on the same page.

12. Specific training:

Nagelsmann believes in the importance of specific training, Adapted to the individual needs of each player.

13. Adaptation to change:

Nagelsmann is able to adapt to unexpected changes and situations, and find creative and effective solutions.

14. Learning mentality:

Nagelsmann thas a constant learning mentality And you are always looking to improve and learn from others.

15. Work ethics:

Nagelsmann Value work ethics And he expects his players to work hard and strive to the fullest.

16. Detailed analysis:

Nagelsmann He is very detailed and thorough in his game analysis, and use technology and information to improve equipment performance.

17. Respect for tradition:

Nagelsmann He has great respect for the tradition and history of football, and use that knowledge to improve your own work.


Nagelsmann He is able to manage strong egos and personalities in his team, to make sure everyone works together towards the same goal.

19. Flexibility:

Nagelsmann It is flexible in your approach And you are willing to test new ideas and strategies if you think they can be effective.

20. Passion:

Finally, Nagelsmann He has a great passion for football and his work, And he hopes that his players share that same passion and commitment.

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