A personal trainer is a health professional who uses evaluation and an individualized interview to obtain, motivate, educate and develop a safe and effective exercise program.

Every personal trainer must be trained, since he must transmit a lot of confidence to the client from all areas (world fitness and sports), from nutritional bases, training, organizing training and more.

In this video you will learn about:

  • Personal training.
  • Functions of a personal trainer.
  • Tools that are needed to optimize the performance of our athletes.

Personal training is booming since today, the personal trainer can carry out his work in a on-line. It is not necessary that the client has to go to the gym with him, but a prior planning is agreed for the client to carry out.

Development with a planned training and methodology helps us to perform better training and performance. There are 3 variables.

1. Periodization → Organization of the training based on your objective and taking into account the workload.

Create better eating habits: Plan for the client what he has to eat, what time he has to eat and how much.

Injury prevention.

Planning Culture: Connection between client and trainer. Short, medium and long term objectives are outlined. In this way, the perseverance and planning that has been invested in order to achieve the objectives can be evaluated.

The 6 Segments: physical assessment, nutrition, anatomy and exercises, planning, body measurements and monitoring.

2. Nutrition → We must create diets adapted to the consumption of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fat. Physical activity and sport are two totally different aspects, so we must take it into account when making a diet.

3. Injury prevention → We will prepare a series of exercises that will help our client to avoid injuries. We will achieve this through stretching and warm-up exercises both before and after physical activity and/or sports.

If you want to know more about tips for personal trainers, watch our video
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