Tips for football coaches # 3: "How to get real conclusions"

What is it that we should pay more attention when preparing workouts with our team?

The important thing is the time that you, as a coach, can devote to the collection of information about your own team and on rival teams. The important thing is how Analyze This information and what you do with it.

The more time we can devote to this crucial task, more time we will be dedicating to the Detection of errors And, consequently, more time we will be dedicating to the preparation of workouts to better outline aspects to work.

On the other hand, if we really have little time for the collection and analysis of information, it will be necessary to fine-tune the detection of the most important aspects to work on our team.

A Good coach It is one that reflects on the situations of the previous party and/or about situations that occur in training, in order to detect potential advantages for our team.

For more time we invest in the analysis, collection of information and interpretation of reports, if this is not extrapolated to real situations, in real training exercises that benefit the team to act as an "antidote", so that our team progresses In his training, everything will have been a waste of time. Since, in the end, what we intend is to improve our team, minimize the strengths of the opponent and get more advantage of their weaknesses.

It is very common not knowing how to work on the conclusions and results we take out of our preparation and research, therefore that is where we must do more emphasis and work harder.

If you want to outline your technique and become the Best coach, sure will be interesting to you Professional Soccer Master.

In conclusion, the most important advice and to highlight today is:

"You do not have to give importance to the deficiencies our team, but We must prioritize the study and preparation of the remedy so that our team Evolve.. "

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