In Council for coaches 3 we talked about the importance of observing and writing down the important aspects that happened in a football match, but above all, of the time invested in the observation and preparation of information in audiovisual formats. We want you to be realistic, to be a person who analyzes the reality of this collection of information and the time invested in processing it.

We work in our training and do tasks that go directly to minimize the positive aspects of the opponent, but today we will emphasize the weak aspects of our team, which will be key to daily work to improve as a whole.

What do you think we should work on in a week in relation to the opponent?

It is a matter of HIT THE TARGET, a matter of logic, and here is our advice for today.

If all the time invested in going to see the opposite, recording it, editing the audiovisual material, creating graphic presentations, etc... you invested it first in doing the same for your team. Don't you think that their improvement would be multiplied?

In other words, before preparing your team for each of their opponents and expecting them to perform correctly against each of them, it is more complicated, tedious and difficult than first profiling your own team, taking it to the ideal one so that it adapts and works like a perfectly oiled machine and then you can dedicate yourself to preparing the matches individually.

A good coach cannot allow himself to be stagnant and must always train for the good of his team, as Thomas Jefferson has said on several occasions. "Information is power".

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