Football training planning: strategy, organization and performance

Hello! In this article I will talk about football training planning, a fundamental issue to achieve a competitive team and improve players' performance.

Training planning refers to the organization and programming of the activities that a football team carries out during a season. Proper planning can help players improve their resistance, strength, speed and technical skills, and teams to achieve their performance objectives. Next, we will explain the key concepts of football training planning.

Phases of the season

The football season is divided into several phases, each of which has different objectives and challenges. In general, the phases are:

  • Preseason: It takes place before the season begins and Its goal is to prepare players for the rest of the season. It focuses on improving resistance, strength, speed and technique.
  • Regular season: During the regular season, the teams compete in league and cup matches. The objective of this phase is to maintain and improve the performance of the players throughout the season.
  • Playoffs:If a team is classified for playoffs, this phase focuses on the preparation for decisive matches.
  • Seasonal break:After the season ends, players have a break to recover and prepare for the next season.

Training objectives

Training planning should be in line with the team's objectives. The objectives can be short, medium or long term, and may include:

  • Improve performance in the league or cup.
  • Win a title.
  • Develop the skill and technique of players.
  • Prevent injuries.
  • Improve the cohesion and communication of the team.

Training session design

The training session must be carefully designed To achieve the objectives of the season. This includes the selection of exercises, the duration of the session and the intensity of the training. Some important aspects to consider are:

  • Endurance training: It focuses on improving the player's ability to maintain a physical activity for a certain period of time.
  • Strength training: It focuses on improving the player's strength and muscle power.
  • Speed ​​training: It focuses on improving the career speed and player agility.
  • Technical Training: It focuses on improving the player's ability and technique.
  • Tactical training: It focuses on improving the player's ability to read the game and make decisions.

Weekly planning

Weekly planning should include a combination of training exercises of resistance, strength, speed, technical and tactic. Also It is important to take into account the schedules of the matches and the rest days. The duration and intensity of training sessions may vary according to the time of the season.

Monitoring and evaluation

It is important to monitor and regulate the progress of the team and players to ensure that training planning is producing the desired results. This may include regular physical tests, technique evaluations and tactics, and surveys to measure the level of satisfaction of the players and the coaching staff. The information collected during these evaluations can be used to make adjustments in training planning as necessary.

External factors

External factors can affect training training planningl. These may include the weather, players injuries, changes in the calendar of matches, and other unforeseen events. It is important to have contingency plans in case these external factors occur so that the team can continue training effectively.

Importance of training planning

Training planning is crucial for the success of a football team. Having clear objectives and careful planning, players' performance levels, prevent injuries and achieve the objectives of the team can be improved. It can also help develop team cohesion and improve communication between players and the coaching staff.


LFootball training planning is essential to achieve a competitive team and improve players performance. The planning must be in line with the objectives of the team and take into account the different phases of the season. In addition, it is important to carefully design training sessions, planning weekly and regular monitoring and evaluation. With adequate planning, a football team can achieve great results and achieve its objectives.

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