Football as a game

Demands in soccer vary with the level of competition, style of play, position on the field, and environmental factors. The exercise pattern can be described as interval and acyclic, with maximum efforts superimposed on a base of low or moderate intensity exercises. (Bangsbo, 1993)

Therefore, football coaches must continually adapt to the game situation.

The prediction of the final result is quite complex, since it undoubtedly depends on individual and overall performance, the chosen tactic, the opponent or simply the success and fortune at key moments of the match, but it is clear that the work of a coach Looking to train what happens in the game will minimize the prediction of the game in some or a lot.

In recent years it has been shown that science in the preparation of the footballer can improve both their individual and collective performance. But it is necessary to define the characteristics of each of the subjects involved in the game. (Godick, 1999).

It is logical to think, then, that if science has improved the physical capacity of soccer players, the Soccer Coach and its coaching staff should ensure that they take advantage of this situation and, from there, ensure the technical, tactical and emotional improvement of their players.

Today's footballers must be prepared for very large work demands in training, not only from the variables such as volume and intensity, but also from the complexity of the game, that is, the solution of different tactical and strategic situations, which respond to the diversity of a changing game of soccer. The current soccer of the hand of the technology and have made that the player of the same can develop in a more efficient way, understanding and interpreting the different training models, adapting to the diversity from the tactical, physical and moving in the competitive market .

In order to carry out an appropriate intervention in any training model, it is necessary to know what are the physical, physiological or energetic demands that the practiced activity requires, in this case soccer. Only from this prior knowledge can adequate training programs be established to optimize or regularize the specific conditional qualities that determine the success of the game.

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