Master Applied Sports Psychology Sports Equipment Online
You will have the option voluntary to be able to do internships in Barcelona clubs, with the possibility of doing them in the RCD Espanyol or their schools.
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Master Applied Sports Psychology Sports Equipment Online

    Psychology takes power in sport. As an interdisciplinary science, known here as applies to sport to get the most out of players and teams.

    The MSc in APPLIED SPORT PSYCHOLOGY team sports provides inescapable knowledge to ensure the best possible balance between mind and body of your players to athletic performance.


    FUTBOLLAB this course dedicated to training to act before situations arise in the team, providing tools to concepts such as anxiety, control of emotions, leadership ... Taking aim try to get the most appropriate way each of these aspects in the objective sports.


    Discover the essential features to enhance the cohesion of your team, how to plan an appropriate role and methodologies used for each case. As a technical - psychologist, you'll classify concepts, you'll have educational guidance and you'll work with practical applications for the optimal use of the course and its fulfillment in your work.




    Course Contents:


    MODULE 1

    • Introduction of sport psychology.
    • Working Fundamentals of sport psychology.
    • Sports psychology, ways of thinking, acting, decide and implement.
    • The leadership team, ways of being, principles.
    • Leadership as a way to communicate and transmit.
    • The effect of motivation in sport and physical activity.
    • Self-confidence as a core value and intrinsic motivation.
    • Importance of prospects goals . Study of activation effects.
    • Control of anxiety in the competitive environment.
    • Practical exercises with evaluation. Work tracking.


    MODULE 2

    • Sport Psychology.
    • Neurophysiology of activation and attention.
    • Analysis of the different variables that involve sports stress.
    • The transformation of anxiety into a positive effect.
    • The resulting activation of emotional control, stress and anxiety. Strategies of how to analyze and act in situations of competition.
    • How should we establish ourselves goals in the group competition.
    • Study how to observe and analyze the situation of the team for the psychological adaptation of training exercises this emotional state.
    • Psychological help the player in states of injury.
    • Evaluation tracking exercises.
    • Practical work theme.


    MODULE 3

    • Neuroscience and sports psychology.
    • Elements of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and neuropsychology.
    • Motora.Procesos motor skills and processing activity information.
    • Attention, selection and cognitive processes.
    • Learning Control players and cognitive memory capacity of the objectives of the exercise in the player.
    • The value associated with the motivation and performance.
    • Motivation, involvement in exercise capacity and team player.
    • Personality as courage.
    • Character, choosing people, reconciliation between them and achieving goals with good coordination.
    • Earn and / or achieve goals like strength.
    • Evaluation tracking exercises.
    • Practical work theme.


    MODULE 4

    • The work of the excitement in the world of sports.
    • The importance of the social image of the sportsman.
    • Emotion work toward a positive outcome.
    • Rest as a positive value in physical activity.
    • Evaluation tracking exercises.
    • Practical work theme


    MODULE 5

    • Final Course Project


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