Master Scouting & Video – Analysis Online

Master Scouting & Video – Analysis Online

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Acredited by UCAM
Damos la opción voluntaria de poder hacer prácticas, al acabar el curso, en el RCD Espanyol en l'Hospitalet de Llobregat.
Certification: Master
Availability: Yes
Duration: 6 months
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    Check out the latest in audiovisual technology applied to football and learn to edit recordings at professional level to interpret images and analyze games. We teach you to extract accurate information for efficient analysis.

    The course SCOUTING AND VIDEO NEWS ANALYSIS empowers students to the methodology to extract useful data from the parties through

    FUTBOLLAB teach you how to manage software, obtain as much information from the meetings and trainings and subsequently use that information to improve practices and the game. And not just with our team, also with the rival. Understand and analyze strengths and weaknesses of the opponent is essential today in the competition and results. And the video is our ally in the task.

    The course will also cataloged as an expert in the study and categorization of players, to give answers to questions like: What should be analyzed?, What are the most appropriate programs, how to present the information collected?

    As an expert in 'scouting' master it to perfection all current variants of the hands of professionals and through a flexible learning system, with lots of examples and exercises.

    Get trained for the position emerging technical bodies. Do not miss this opportunity to turn your passion into your profession.


    Topic 1: Introduction to Scouting

    • 1.1 What is scouting?
    • 1.2 The early scouting
    • 1.3 Rationale of scouting
    • 1.4 The evolution of scouting

    Topic 2: Types of Scouting

    • 2.1 About our team
    • 2.2 About opposing teams
    • 2.3 On Players
    • 2.4 On training

    Item 3: Scouting Process

      • 3.1 Phase Documentation
        • 3.1.1 Information to collect
      • 3.2 Recording
        • 3.2.1 Aspects to consider
      • 3.3 Analysis
        • 3.3.1 conditioning aspects of the game
          • Phase offensive
          • Phase defensive
          • Transitions
          • Actions-pieces
        • 3.3.2 Other aspects conditioning
      • 3.4 Conclusions / relevant collection of the entire process

    Item 4: Preparation of the report

    • 4.1 Document written
    • 4.2 Document visual
    • 4.3 Document audiovisual

    Item 5: Software: Examples

    • 5.1 LongoMatch
    • 5.2 Imovie
    • 5.3 Softwares more sophisticated

    Item 6: The figure of Scouter technical Pies

    • 6.1 Profile Scouter
    • 6.2 Functions / Competencies

    Item 7: Development Credit Course summary

    Want to know what happens in the game? Need tools and knowledge to see what happens? With this course you get professionally analyze players, teams, with the help of teachers who dedicate themselves to this area, you will use the main applications of video analytics, get them useful for your team. Open up a door for future in professional football.

    More and more teams need for their technical analysts bodies, think ahead and form yourself professionally.

    Price: 3 995,00 € tax incl.

    You can pay in 8 times!!

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