University Expert of Youth Soccer
You will have the option voluntary to be able to do internships in Barcelona clubs, with the possibility of doing them in the RCD Espanyol or their schools.
Degree: Expert
Availability: Yes
Duration: 3 Months
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University Expert of Youth Soccer

    Get trained as a youth football coach and apply the methodologies based on the actual game in the different categories, from fry to juveniles, to children and cadet.

    The course specialist soccer trainer hides all the knowledge to develop the profession and includes a very specific agenda tailored to all ages training.


    The importance of the progression of the quarry is undoubted. To achieve proper development and exploit the potential of young players FUTBOLLAB teaches you to differentiate the stages of formation; know all its features and distinguish the best strategies to promote the players.


    As soccer trainer learn which pursue objectives at each stage, what content to teach young people and how, to raise training sessions, assess progress and to incorporate improvements to training.


    A course that is truly essential guide to get the correct and optimal development of homegrown players through a modern agenda tailored to the needs of the different ages of the kids. For you and your team you may get fast and effective results.


    Propel your career and the career of the young!


    Contents of the course:


    • UF1: Teachings that make the player understand the game.
    • UF2: Understanding new educational theories.
    • UF3: Complex models, model application Seirul, etc.


    • UF4: Division formation stages of a player.
    • UF5: Explanation stages, explaining differences alevin training, youth etc.


    • UF6: Analytical method disadvantages, advantages, features.
    • UF7: global method: disadvantages, advantages, features.
    • UF8: Justification methodological trends at this time, explanations of past trends.
    • UF9: behavioral theories and constructivist.


    • UF10: Direct Command: profits.
    • UF11: reciprocal teaching.
    • UF12: guided discovery.
    • UF13: Troubleshooting.
    • UF14: Explanation of the benefits of teaching with the teaching style chosen.


    • UF15: Information gestural, verbal information.
    • UF16: Actions to be taken by the coach.
    • UF17: Before the session: content, content specification
    • UF18: During the session: organization, distribution space, time management rhythm,


    • UF19: After the session: evaluation, error analysis, etc..
    • UF20: construction tasks.
    • UF21: Explanation of why one type of task based on the developmental age of the player.


    • UF22: football game, and corrective exercise corrective game: build an explanation of how and at what stage ssp necessary.
    • UF23: Explanation of the importance of perception and coordination within the player's training. Examples and exercises.


    • UF24: How to create a high-level player?
    • UF25: Difference between teaching to win games and teaching to improve the long-term player.


    • UF26: Prioritization of content, sequencing, timing, etc..
    • UF27: Planning criteria. Analysis of sport. Example of planning a week or monthly microcycle taking into account the above aspects.

    Center accredited by:

    Center accredited by Universidad Isabel I
    RCDE School Universidad Isabel I

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    RCDE School

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