Youth Soccer Methodology Online

Youth Soccer Methodology Online

Acredited by:

Acredited by Universidad Isabel I
Damos la opción voluntaria de poder hacer prácticas, al acabar el curso, en el RCD Espanyol en l'Hospitalet de Llobregat.
Certification: Expert
Availability: Yes
Duration: 3 months
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    Lovers of building sessions for their teams learn new methodological key to expand their knowledge in this area. The main idea is how we will structure our exercises and teaching styles apply on our players.

    Learn new exercises, teaching styles, structuring the sessions, will be the main points on the agenda of the current methodology expert Grassroots.

    To FUTBOLLAB is vital methodological treatment in football clubs, equitable monitoring of all equipment for players to learn significantly all concepts using new methodologies based on the complexity of the game offers. The key is how our players internalize the content, and that is why we will use styles of maximum wealth for practitioners.

    A guided field so we can learn in a clear but extensive all concepts of new methodologies emerging in football.


    Price: 995,00 € tax incl.

    You can pay in 3 times!!

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