The 9 Goals for Soccer Training

The key to success is always practice.

All training must have clear objectives so that it can lead us to improve. By setting ourselves real and attainable goals, we will be able to improve and motivate our athletes, thus making the most of every minute of football training.

These are the 9 most common goals in a training for professional athletes:

  • Obtain, maintain and increase a multilateral and physical development.
  • Improve the specific physical development of each particular sport, each situation or each moment of the season.
  • Perfect the techniques of the specific sport.
  • Improve and refine the necessary strategies to have all possible resources at the time of competition.
  • Cultivate volitional qualities and effort and sacrifice.
  • Ensure and ensure optimal preparation for the team and for the individual.
  • Strengthen the health and mental state of each athlete.
  • Prevent injuries and finish recovery processes.
  • Increase the theoretical knowledge of the athlete.

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