The 20 fundamental pillars of Thomas Tuchel's work philosophy in football

Thomas Tuchel is a soccer coach with a very particular work philosophy, which focuses on Teamwork, discipline, innovation and individual development of players. Next, I present 20 aspects that I consider important of your work philosophy:

1. Teamwork:

Tuchel believes that success in football depends on teamwork and solidarity among players.

2. Discipline:

Tuchel is very demanding in compliance with the rules and rules established for the team.

3. Innovation:

Tuchel constantly seeks new ways of playing and improving team performance.

4. Individual development:

Tuchel focuses on the individual development of each player, so that they can reach their maximum potential.

5. Tactical flexibility:

Tuchel is able to adapt its tactical system to the needs of the team and the game.

6. High pressure:

Tuchel prefers a high pressure strategy to make the ball out of the rival team difficult.


Tuchel uses a positional game in which players maintain specific positions in the field.

8. Departure from behind:

Tuchel believes that it is important that the team has a good exit from behind to start the attacks.

9. Pressure after loss:

Tuchel seeks that the team quickly recover the ball after a loss.


Tuchel seeks to create a clear and defined game identity for the team.

11. Data Analytics:

Tuchel uses data analytics to make decisions and improve equipment performance.

12. Tactical changes:

Tuchel is not afraid to make tactical changes during the game to adjust the team.

13. Communication:

Tuchel constantly communicates with players to make sure they are aligned with the team's strategy.

14. Patience:

Tuchel believes that patience is important in football and that the results do not always arrive immediately.

15. Youth Development:

Tuchel has a great passion for the development of youth players.

16. Concentration:

Tuchel demands a high concentration in training and parties.


Tuchel is very demanding with the players, but always seeks to do it as well as possible.

18. Adaptable:

Tuchel is able to adapt to different situations and contexts in football.

19. Possession:

Tuchel believes that possession is important, but not at any cost.

20. Physical preparation:

Tuchel is very rigorous in the physical preparation of the team so that they can maintain a high level of performance throughout the season.

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