Discovering the Real Madrid quarry method: forming future football stars


He Real Madrid is one of the clubs more successful in football historynot only for their Achievements in the first template, but also for his quarry. The Real Madrid quarry It has been an inexhaustible source of talent for the main team, and has produced some of the best players of all time. In this article, we will analyze how the Real Madrid quarry works, from its structure and organization to the process of formation of their young soccer players.

Structure and organization of the Real Madrid quarry

The Real Madrid quarry, also known as Factory, is one of the fundamental pillars of the club. It is formed by several lower categories, from the prebenjamin to the youth, with a total of More than 250 players in staff. The factory also has its own coaching staff, in charge of the formation of young soccer players, and a team of psychologists, nutritionists and physiotherapists to ensure their integral development.

The Real Madrid quarry structure It is based on a common game philosophy in all its lower categories, known as the "Real Madrid Methodology ". This methodology focuses on the Player development in three areas: technical, tactic and physical. In addition, discipline, teamwork, competitiveness and humility, values ​​that are fundamental in the Real Madrid culture.

The Real Madrid quarry has a wide network of Wayers and talent captors, in charge of detecting Best young soccer players in Spain and the foreign. These scouts seek not only football talent, but also the attitude and commitment of players, since Real Madrid seeks to train elite players, but also wholeness people.

Training process of young soccer players

He Training process of young soccer players In the Real Madrid quarry it is demanding and rigorous, but also very complete. Players go through a technical training stage, which focus on the Development of your ball skill, as well as for a tactical stage, in which they learn to apply that technique in the collective game. It also emphasizes the physical training and injury prevention, to ensure that young soccer players are in optimal conditions to compete to the most high level.

In all lower categories, Real Madrid participates in competitions national and international level, such as the National Football League, the Copa del Rey and the Youth Champions League, which allows young soccer players to face high -level rivals and acquire competitive experience. In addition, Real Madrid regularly organizes friendly matches against professional teams from other countries, so that young soccer players can Measure against more experienced players.

He Personalized monitoring and attention players is also a fundamental part of the training process in the Real Madrid quarry. Each player has an individualized training and development plan, depending on his needs and potentialities. Trainers and technicians work closely with psychologists and other professionals to ensure that players are in the best physical and mental conditions to compete.

In addition, the Real Madrid also focuses on the academic education of their young soccer players. The club has Agreements with schools and universities to ensure that players can combine their football training with their academic education. This is especially important, since the Real Madrid seeks to train elite soccer players, but also well -formed people and prepared for your future.

The transition to the first template

One of the goals of the Real Madrid quarry is Form elite soccer players for your first team. The transition of young soccer players of the quarry to the first team is an important and carefully planned process, which starts from the lower categories. The most players Outstanding of each category are selected to participate in training and matches with the main team, so that they can adapt to the rhythm and style of play of the first team.

The Real Madrid factory It has been an inexhaustible source of talents for the first team over the years. Some of the most prominent players that have emerged from the Real Madrid quarry are Iker Casillas, Raúl González, Guti, Sergio Ramos, Álvaro Arbeloa, Dani Carvajal, Marco Asensio and many others. These players have not only triumphed at Real Madrid, but also in their respective national teams, and have left Footprint in the history of world football.


The Real Madrid quarry, the factory, is one of the most recognized and successful in the world of football. Its structure and organization, focused on the integral development of young soccer players, as well as their training methodology, based on teamwork, discipline, competitiveness and humility, have been key to their success. In addition, the process of Formation of young soccer players is rigorous and complete, and focuses on its technical, tactical and physical development, as well as its academic education and in their mental and emotional well -being.

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