Investment funds in football II

In the previous article, I showed my distrust towards these practices as it is currently carried out. But this does not mean that it is radically against nor not to recognize that it could be otherwise and that could be useful and fulfill a help mission by facilitating a different type of financial operations in the complicated world of international signings. We are going to deepen some important aspects that help us better understand how and why of this matter.

The first thing to do is know the difference between federative and economic rights of a player enrolled in a club. The first are always of the club and the economic ones are insofar as the club is able to keep them under control, which does not always happen. This is one of the key issues of the problem because as a club loses control of the economic part of a player's rights in favor of a third party begins dependence on that third party because of the money invested by this one in the player or in the club. And this does not like the governing agencies because they understand that it is contrary to Fair-Play Financial and Budget Balance Policy that wants to implement in clubs.

They understand that it allows and facilitates excessive indebtedness, weakens the decision-making capacity of the clubs and puts in the hands of third parties a capacity for influence and decision that they can not control and what they consider oblivious to the world of football. It is well reasoned, but it is very difficult not to recognize that behind that there is concern and fear for the foreseeable loss of being able to cause that way of acting. As there is also for the excessive power of the agents (top) of players who can make it difficult to make the necessary fluency, transparency and capillarity of a difficult, opaque and scoundrel market as it is that of the transfers of soccer players. It is understandable that the concern and fear are shot when the cause of it act together and add means and influences. There begins a fat problem.

The first and last cause is, as almost always, the money. But not the money that puts the investment fund to win its corresponding dividends, if not the money that the seller club wants to win "holding" footballer as long as the footballer wants to start gaining as soon as possible and the one that the Club buyer aims to save yourself by taking well with the background managers. It contributes a lot to all this the general situation of football in the corresponding market and is no coincidence that these funds have prospered mainly in Portugal and in Spain, where the legislation protects, protects and facilitates an opaque, special and light functioning as regards Tax, financial and work obligations of clubs. Also in strictly footballs. It must be recognized that something is changing and that there is more rigor and demand in that matter. That is where the issue of funds does not fit and where the alarms have been ignited to prohibit or reconforce them properly and according to the new times.

In my opinion there are two other very important factors that should be noted to finish understanding the phenomenon in its proper measure. On the one hand, it is necessary to clearly define as far as football is special and as far as their particularity should arrive. If you must have specific aspects (ordinary or sports jurisdiction, legal obligations, responsibilities of authentic and true and non-simulated managers easily eludable) and intrins itself to the very essence of football that is implanted as soon as possible and that is for good. For example, if the clubs can serve this type of operations to finance their hiring and transfer why they would not have to do it? If small, medium and large savers invest your money on all kinds of actions, financial assets, pension plans and forecasting and savings, insurance, etc., etc. Why could not you do it in this type of assets if they were well defined, they were well defined, Clear and transparent, with adequate legislation and with correct and controlled operation?. Soccer is special, we already know, but it should not be so much as long as it does not take care of what being legal favors and allows you to solve your problems and meet your goals. And this issue of funds, well managed could contribute to it, but at the moment what there is opacity and benefits for a few who go to their own, leaving worrisome trails.

For another it is convenient not to be deceived and ceased to recognize that the matter is complex, difficult, it covers the different actors of that great theater that is soccer and touches the ego and the portfolio of the same way, affecting their decision capacity and influence in a world full of vanities, prominence and covers. After all it is very difficult to prevent the disastrous policy of signings from a club to take him to ruin if his presidents are left with Rositas and if the hobby what they want are goals and titles no matter what ...... or that another club lives above its possibilities for many years, although this I suppose the bankruptcy or disappearance of the entity. The lower divisions are full of cases like this, although nobody wants to repair it. The policy that seems to impede is ... "the last one that turns off the light.".

In the end we come to another type of issues that are in the core of all this, such as:

Why is it paid so much money for a footballer in the "Top" transfers? And have you stopped to think nice reader, that almost all the pasta is by and to pay for the footballer on the shift (as it should be, although I do not know if he so much) who should respond to enormous expectations that are rarely fulfilled? ... In short, if the happy funds serve to improve all this that arrived in due form and as soon as possible ... .. But it is really for good.

Author: Eduardo Silva

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