Discover the 20 fundamental pillars of Luis Enrique's work philosophy in football

Luis Enrique, former soccer player and Spanish football coach, has developed a work philosophy that focuses on LTo discipline, intensity, teamwork and winning mentality. Next, I present 20 important aspects of your work philosophy:

1. Intensity:

Luis Enrique seeks that his teams are intense in all phases of the game, both in attack and defense.

2. Discipline:

The Spanish coach is very strict in terms of discipline, both in the field and outside it, and requires that its players comply with the established standards.

3. Teamwork:

For Luis Enrique, teamwork is essential for the success of a team, and seeks that its players communicate and rely on the countryside.

4. High pressure:

The Spanish coach bets on high pressure as a way to recover the ball quickly and create goal opportunities.

5. Winning mentality:

Luis Enrique seeks to instill a winning mentality in his players, so that they always look for victory and do not meet a draw or defeat.

6. Tactical flexibility:

The Spanish coach is able to adapt his game system to the characteristics of his players and the demands of the rival.

7. Defensive work:

Luis Enrique considers that defensive work is as important as offensive work, and seeks to be solid in all areas of the field.

8. Ball output:

The Spanish coach seeks that his team have a clean and orderly ball outlet, in order to start the game from the defense.

9. Possession of the ball:

Luis Enrique bets on ball possession as a way of controlling the game and preventing the opponent from having goal opportunities.

10. speed in transitions:

The Spanish technician seeks that his team be fast in the transitions, to take advantage of counterattacks.

11. Combinative game:

The Spanish coach bets on the combinative game as a way to create goal opportunities and overcome rival defense.

12. Mobility:

Luis Enrique seeks that his players be mobile and constantly change position, to destabilize the rival defense.


The Spanish coach seeks that its players be aggressive in the pressure and in the ball dispute, to recover it quickly.

14. Humility:

Luis Enrique considers that humility is fundamental in the world of football, and seeks that his players be humble and work hard to improve every day.

15. Offensive mentality:

The Spanish coach seeks that his team have an offensive mentality, to create goal opportunities and make a difference in the scoreboard.

16. Concentration:

Luis Enrique demands maximum concentration from his players at all times, to avoid mistakes that can cost the team expensive.

17. Solidarity:

The Spanish coach seeks that its players be supportive with each other, to help each other in the field and overcome adversities.

18. Respect for the rival:

Luis Enrique instills his players with respect against the opposite team.

19. Defensive work:

The Spanish coach makes the group of their players a pineapple that defend and attack all at once and to go the team for all to one.

20. Possession of the ball:

Luis Enrique is a coach who likes to have the ball at his disposal and have no danger in the counterattacks.

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