Tactical analyst in football. B1Soccer Sports Training Plan

Duration: 6 months Start: Immediate Degree: Expert

Training course for the improvement and analysis of matches and players, using technology to optimize the individual and collective performance of soccer players.



You can pay with a single payment or in terms of 3, 6 or 12 months!

In collaboration with:

Asociación europea de jugadores



This is an analysis program of players and soccer teams that aims to train the student in the most important aspects about both individual and collective foundations that are important in the game, work as a technology to analyze data, extract Reports and how to conclude what are the most decisive aspects to improve the capacities of soccer players and teams.

With the course we will learn to make cuts, assemble images, videos and edit all the content from the base for a subsequent investigation of that data.

The objective is that the teams can take this material and use it to study your rivals and thus have an easy and powerful source of information.

This course is within the training plan for B1Soccer athletes


This course will introduce you with solvency in scouting, one of the areas of football with more possibilities and in which professional football will need more professionals in the coming years.

This course is oriented to trainers or people who have sensitivity to the area of ​​football analysis And they want to deepen their knowledge either as a complement to their coach tasks or simply as an amateur in their idea of ​​knowing more in depth than in the game.

You will work with a software, practical, with all the options you may need to get clear audiovisual reports and that provide added value to the players or coaching staff, you will have an official certification of Longomatch and the diploma accrediting Soccerlab for overcoming the course.


Topic 1: Scouting initiation

  • 1.1. What is scouting?
  • 1.2. The beginnings of scouting
  • 1.3. Justification of scouting
  • 1.4. The evolution of scouting

Topic 2: Scouting types

    • 2.1. About our team
    • 2.2. On adversary equipment
    • 23. About players
    • 2.4. About training

Topic 3: Scouting process

    • 3.1. Documentation phase
      • 3.1.1. Information to collect
    • 3.2. Recording
      • 3.2.1 Aspects to take into account
    • 3.3. Analysis

Topic 4: Longomatch

  • 4.1. Program presentation
  • 4.2. History and evolution of the application
  • 4.3. Menus and tools.
  • 4.4. New project
    • 4.4.1. Capture modes
    • 4.4.2. Analysis mode
  • 4.5. Media player
  • 4.6. Projects management
  • 4.7. Template management by categories
  • 4.8. Teaming Template Management
  • 4.9. Export Projects
  • 4.10. Treatment practical examples.
  • 4.11. Options Viewing information
  • 4.12. Help options.
  • 4.13. Video player graphical interface
  • 4.14. Project development
  • 4.15. End of course project
  • 4.16. Final examination Longomatch.


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