Master Professional of Soccer Online
You will have the opportunity to realize, voluntarily, your practices in different clubs of Barcelona, including to the RCD Espanyol or his schools.
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Master Professional of Soccer Online

    With the "Master in Professional Football" Course we will learn how to take a team, organize the training, coordinate the project from the base creating a system that correctly uses the basics of Football and know to properly manage the sports entity .

    A soccer professional is a person who devotes all his time to this sport and who passes on his great experience to the players and the colleagues of the Technical Staff in order to set a stable and fluid connection with the entire sports project.

    Also clarify that to be a great professional you must touch many branches, not only the coach, but also touch the economy of the club, the incorporations of the template, the material used to train and the leisurely training exits, make this task somewhat different.

    With an Master in organizational structure soccer game learn to master to perfection all individual behavior offensive and defensive players must perform according to their demarcation of play.

    The FUTBOLLAB course has a unique feature in its scope: the approach to the competition. Players are not independent pieces, but a team joining forces. Only by knowing thoroughly conduct of all members of the team in each game situation can be controlled competition.

    Discover what actions must be performed on each river and how to relate the behavior based on their line, the other lines, the system and the game model. All through an innovative agenda, outlined and easy to follow that lets you instantly apply knowledge.

    Organize the game represents the main activity of the coach, and get a game model is established effective and supreme importance. With FUTBOLLAB master, all phases of the game and learn what is necessary in an educational, not to mention the figure of the player and you have to internalize fundamentals based on our game model.

    ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE The master in the game of football is an incredible training guide and help you indicate to the players how to resolve any stage of the game with respect to the rest of the team.


    1. Description of course objectives

    • I. The coach knows the individual offensive and defensive behaviors as the demarcation of the player in the field, we understand as priority.
    • II. Know the coach and explain the reason why all of them.
    • III. Guide the coach to enter into a process of reflection on the conduct described for later adjustment or strategic system integration and / or game model intended by each coach.
    • IV. The coach knows to use different teaching and learning strategies work in different behaviors.
    • V. The coach knows situations make job training, learning and consolidation of these behaviors.

    2. Contextualization

    • I. Agenda Context and orientation in relation to the possible formative stages. Focus on Modernization stage. Orientation stage Competition / performance.
    • II. Guidance, explanation and context to a zonal defensive system.
    • III. Summary of different defensive lines and demarcations will set our team during the defensive phase.
    • IV. Guidance, explanation and context to an offensive system based on the occupation of certain areas during the offensive phase.

    3. Context and exposure of individual offensive and defensive behaviors "line to the goalie belongs"

    • I. Contextualization of the line formed by the keeper within the defensive unit and block offensive team.
    • II. Defensive behaviors Porter.
    • III. Offensive Behaviour Porter.

    4. Context and exposure of individual offensive and defensive behaviors of "defensive line 4"

    • I. Contextualizing the defensive line 4, Side and Central within the defensive unit and block offensive team.
    • II. Sides defensive behaviors.
    • III. Offensive Behaviors Sides.
    • IV. Central defensive behaviors.
    • V. Central offensive behaviors.

    5. Context and exposure of individual offensive and defensive behaviors of "interior lines or line team"

    • I. Contextualizing the line or lines inside team players within the defensive unit and block offensive team.
    • II. Defensive behaviors Players Interiors (Interiors, Media Pivots and tip).
    • III. Behaviors interior offensive players (Interior Hinges Media tip).

    6. Context and exposure of individual offensive and defensive behaviors of "offensive line or lines"

    • I. Contextualizing the line or team offensive lines within the defensive unit and block offensive team.
    • II. Defensive behaviors or tips.
    • III. Dffensive behaviors or tips.
    • IV. Defensive behavior of external offensive players.

    7. The game model

    • I. Attack phase (organized Attack).
    • II. Phase Transition Defense-Attack (Counter).
    • III. Phase of Defence (Defence organized).
    • IV. Phase transition Attack-Defense (defensive Organization).

    8. Didactic forms

    • I. PLS (Preferential Location Simulator).
    • II. Games and conservations position.
    • III. Matches and modified games.
    • IV. Games lines.
    • V. Successive Attack.

    9. Active Methodology

    • I. Guided discovery.
    • II. Troubleshooting.

    10. Task Confection

    • III. Files and slogans.
    • IV. Steps to guide the game towards the content.
    • V. Analysis and significance of these rivals for making tasks.
    • VI. Importance of offensive and defensive strategy and training methodology.


    In this Master will get it, you will master the main methodologies of training, game analysis, fundamentals, models, fitness contextualized in football and all aspects that are important in this sport, especially with the help of the best professionals in the study and soccer investigation.

    Complement your sports studies with this Master, who will open doors, thanks to its depth in the agenda and Careers Soccer Lab

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