Technical-Tactical of Soccer Goalkeeper Online
Tendrás la oportunidad de realizar, voluntariamente, tus prácticas en diferentes clubes de Barcelona, incluyendo al RCD Espanyol or their schools.
Degree: Técnico
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Duration: 3 Months
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Technical-Tactical of Soccer Goalkeeper Online

    With the Course " Goalkeeper Tactician Technician " we will learn the basics of the technique and the different tactics that are used over the years.

    From the lowest categories until reaching the maximum age (from Benjamins to Amateur ) and thus be able to become a great professional.

    All this with a physical and mental preparation of the goalkeepers throughout his career. From basic functions to more sophisticated strategies and techniques, you can reach automatic training methods and get to convert them into routines .

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    Center accredited by Universidad Isabel I

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    RCDE School

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