The 20 fundamental pillars of Jürgen Klopp's work philosophy


Jürgen Klopp It is one of the football trainers most successful in the world. He has led to Liverpool FC to win several important titles, including the Premier League and the Champions League. His Work philosophy focuses on commitment, discipline, teamwork and passion. In this article, we will explore the 20 most important aspects of philosophy of work of Jürgen Klopp.


For Klopp, passion is fundamental in football. He believes that players must play with passion and dedication in each game. Klopp also has a passion for football and his work as a coach, which has allowed him to motivate his players to do his best in the field.

2. Discipline

Discipline is essential in Klopp's work philosophy. CRee that players must be disciplined both on and off the field. Klopp is known for being a demanding and rigorous coach in his training and preparation of parties.

3. Teamwork

Klopp believes in the power of teamwork. It is important that players play as a team, instead of focusing on individual success. For Klopp, success can only be achieved through teamwork and collaboration.

4. High pressure

One of the distinctive characteristics of Klopp's work philosophy is the high pressure.Klopp believes that teams must press their opponents at all times, instead of waiting and reacting. The high pressure allows the teams to recover the ball and control the rhythm of the game.

5. Rapid contarataques

Klopp believes that fast counterattacks can be very effective in football. When the teams recover the ball, they should immediately look for the possibility of throwing a quick counterattack. This can be especially effective against teams that tend to have more possession of the ball.


Intensity is a key aspect of Klopp's work philosophy. He believes that teams must play with intensity and energy in each game. This means that players must always be alert and willing to do their best.


Communication is essential in Klopp's work philosophy. He believes that players must constantly communicate on the field of play, either through gestures or words. Communication allows players to coordinate better and make more informed decisions.

8. Tactical Flexibility

Klopp believes in the importance of tactical flexibility. It is important that the equipment is able to adapt to different situations and change their tactical approach as necessary. This allows teams to respond to different challenges and take advantage of opportunities on the field.

9. Winning month

Klopp believes that teams must have a winning mentality at all times. Players must be motivated to win and be willing to do whatever is necessary to get victory


High intensity training is one of the keys to Klopp's work philosophy. He believes that players must be in excellent physical form to be able to play with intensity and energy in each game. Therefore, your training focuses on improving the resistance, speed and strength of the players.

11. Confidence in young players

Klopp has confidence in young players and believes that they can be an important part of the success of a team. He has often given the opportunity to young players and has integrated them in his team effectively.

12. Affect towards the players

Klopp has a genuine affection for his players and cares about his well -being both on and off the field. He believes that this is important to build strong and lasting relationships with players.


Klopp believes in the importance of patience. Understand that success does not arrive overnight and that time is needed to build a winning team. Therefore, he has patience with his players and focuses on long -term progress.

14. Shake to motivate

Klopp is known for his ability to motivate his players. His passion and energy are contagious and can inspire players to do their best in the playing field. In addition, his ability to create an atmosphere of camaraderie and confidence in his team has been fundamental to motivate his players.

15. Detailed analysis of opponents

Klopp believes in the detailed analysis of opponents. Before each game, his team carefully analyzes his opponents to understand his strengths and weaknesses. This allows them to better plan their strategy and prepare for any situation in the field.

16. Respect for tradition

Klopp respects the tradition and history of the football clubs in which he works. You take the time to know the culture of the club and its history, and work to honor it in your training approach and in your team's game style.


Klopp also believes in innovation. You are willing to experiment and try new tactics and training approaches to improve your equipment. He believes that innovation is essential to keep up with changes in football and to find new ways to win.


Humility is a key value in Klopp's work philosophy. He believes that players must be humble and be willing to constantly learn and improve. He also believes that it is important to recognize the achievements of the team, but without being arrogant or vain.

19.In humor

Klopp has a sense of humor and believes in the importance of having fun in the playing field. He believes that football is not only about winning, but also to enjoy the process and teamwork. His sense of humor can also be an effective way to motivate his players.

20. Enfoque in the community

Klopp also believes in the focus in the community. He believes that football clubs have a responsibility beyond the field to connect with their community and be a positive social change agent. He and his team have been involved in several community projects in the past, and Klopp ensures that his team maintains this perspective in mind.


The Jürgen Klopp's work philosophy It is clear: work hard, play intensity and maintain a positive mentality. He believes in the Value of teamwork, passion and dedication, and its training approach reflects these beliefs. Throughout his career, Klopp has proven to be one of the best coaches in the world, and his success is due in large part to his commitment to his work philosophy.

To the Implement this philosophy, Klopp has led to Victory teams, with a vibrant and exciting game style. Although its Focus is not unique in football, is his dedication to her which makes it highlight. As he continues to advance in his career, we are sure that Jürgen Klopp will continue to be a force to take into account in the world of football, and his work philosophy will continue to be a Inspiration for future coaches and players around the world.

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