How to make a difference: improving ball actions stopped in football through effective strategies

Football is a sport in which every detail counts and can make the difference between victory and defeat. One of the situations in which you can take advantage of the advantage of the adversary is in the actions to the stopped ball, which are moments in which the ball is detained and a play can be planned to surprise the opposing team.

Standing ball actions include corner kicks, free, fouls and criminal shots, and are an important aspect in the modern football game. In this article, we will explore how to improve the actions with a stopped ball to maximize the possibilities of marking and, ultimately, gain matches.

Practice technique and precision

Standing ball actions, such as free throws and corner kicks, require a precise technique to achieve a good result. It is important to practice technique and precision in each of these actions, since even small errors can affect the final result. Players must devote time to practice these actions in the training field and work in their technique to achieve greater precision in each attempt.

Work in team

Although a single person can execute a stopped ball action, It is important to work as a team to get the best results. Players must be coordinated and have a clear strategy for action. Talk to your teammates and develop a strategy that works for you.

Analyze the opposite team

Each team has its own way of defending or attacking on the ball plays, so It is important to study the rival and detect their weaknesses and strengths in these situations. In this way, specific strategies can be designed to take advantage of the weaknesses of the rival and minimize their strengths.

Work in coordination and communication

Standing ball actions also require good coordination and communication between team players. It is important that players know who will be in charge of executing the action and that others are prepared to take any opportunity that arises. Coordination is also key in defense, where players must be well positioned and coordinated to avoid goals against

Train your brain

Like any other sports skill, The execution of a stopped ball action implies mental and emotional skills, such as concentration and confidence in yourself. There are many mental training programs that can help you develop these skills, such as visualization and meditation. Training your brain can improve your performance in ball actions stopped and in general in the field.

Vary the routine

One of the most effective ways to surprise the opposite team in the actions with a stopped ball is to vary the routine. Instead of always following the same play or game pattern, Players must mix the plays and shots to keep the opposing team guessing.

For example, in a corner kick, players can opt for a short, instead of a length, to surprise the defenders. Players can also vary the speed of the play, changing a slow pace to a fast pace to baffle the opposing team.

Establish signals

The signs They are an effective way to communicate in the field without the opposing team noticing. Players can use signals to indicate the type of play that will be executed in the action to stop.

It is important that the signals be clear and understandable by all team players. In addition, players must practice signals in training to make sure they are synchronized and prepared to execute the play at the right time.

Use technology

Nowadays, There are many technological tools that can help you improve in the ball actions, such as the use of drones to analyze the position of the players in the field, video analysis programs that can detect patterns in the game,Data analysis and video arbitration systems (VAR). These resources They allow coaches and players to analyze and better understand game situations and make more informed decisions on how to execute the balls with a stopped ball. In addition, technology is also used to train and simulate these situations in a controlled environment, which allows players to practice and improve their technique more effectively .. These tools can provide you with a valuable feedback to improve your skills.


Training of the ball actions is essential to improve the performance of the players and the team as a whole. Frequent practice, teamwork, videos analysis and execution variation are key to achieving a good execution of these plays on the field and Get advantageous situations about rivals.

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