How to choose a midfielder?

Many call the midfielder an offensive midfielder. Normally, he is a footballer who, playing between midfield and forward, serves as a link between them. They are midfielders who move ahead of the midfielder, whether they are pivot, double pivot or trivote. This player must have a great vision of the game to know how to find spaces in the rival defense and create numerical superiority in the offensive phase, as well as a great tactical imbalance to be able to overcome one-on-one situations.

They are usually soccer players who have plenty of talent and who are traditionally associated with the number 10, although for years the number has been the least of it.

Midfielder classes according to their profile

The organized

He is the one who looks for the ball near his midfielder. It is a brain advanced a few meters. This one gets as close or closer to his area to help in the clean exit of the ball, than the opposite.

The hook

Always play in the space left behind by the rival midfielder, approaching the second striker and tilting to the sides. He is usually fundamentally an assistant to the tip in goal plays. This type of attacking midfielder is usually the most visual, the one that connects the most with the fan, since he is usually the one with the most imaginative profile.

The scorer

Act as a false forward. What these players are looking for in the midfielder are spaces to uncheck, areas where they can receive more free kicks.

Clear examples of a good midfielder

Johan Cruyff

The son of Dutch football, Rinus Michaels, or perhaps the tool that allows the coach to create a complete football. Cruyff was the player of the future, 20 years ahead of his time like Di Stefano was in his time. Putting Cruyff in a system or location is impossible. Mind, hook, scorer, the Dutch star is everything because he has it all: dribbling, ingenuity, speed, stopping, vision of the game, shots, shots and above all an overwhelming personality.


Nicknamed the White Pelé, needless to say more. One of the best four or five players in the history of Brazil. Be careful, we are talking about the country where Pelé, Didi, Rivellino, Sócrates, Ronaldo, Romario or Ronaldinho were born. Zico is a player who plays with excellent intelligence, class, speed, and water hammer instincts.


He was able to make a silk football, the Champagne football.

Platini was not a player with a great physique, neither fast nor strong, but he was a footballer with a great and extremely intelligent technique to get to the plays. He had an incredible nose for goal getting up from behind.


In the Danish Brondby he played as a striker, a skilled second striker and with a goal. In that position he arrived at Juve, where he coincided with Platini. Italy and its football choked him. Cruyff saw in him a midfielder who could be differential and he was right. Laudrup has been one of the most iconic attacking midfielders of his decade and virtually every decade. Fine, fast, elegant and more hard-working in defense than many remember, we are facing one of the greatest playmaker-assistants in history.

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