Discover how Longomatch can improve your football team performance

LongomatchIt is a video analysis tool designed for soccer coaches and other sports that allows analyzing, labeling and visualizing the performance of the players. This tool is very useful to help coaches to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their players, evaluate team performance and improve training. In this article, we will explore the most important Longomatch functions for the football coach.

Event labeling

Longomatch allows coaches to label events during the game or training, such as passes, shots, goals, fouls, among others. This function is very useful to identify patterns in the game of the team and in the performance of the players. Event labeling also allows coaches to evaluate the impact of changes in equipment tactics.

Statistics analysis

Longomatch generates real -time statistics, allowing coaches to evaluate team performance during the game or training. Statistics include the number of completed passes, the percentage of possession, the effectiveness of the shots to goal, among others. Coaches can use these statistics to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team and adjust the strategy accordingly.

Video analysis

Longomatch allows coaches to analyze the video of matches and training in detail. Trainers can use this function to evaluate the players individually and as a team, identify game patterns and observe the mistakes made. The ability to watch the video from different angles and with different speeds is also very useful for identifying specific situations of the game.

Presentation creation

Longomatch allows coaches to create video presentations to show players during training or before matches. These presentations can be used to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the team, show examples of successful and not so successful plays and provide visual feedback to the players.

Share data with the equipment

Longomatch allows coaches to share data with the team and members of the coaching staff. Trainers can send statistical reports and video presentations to players and training staff, allowing them to review the equipment performance and work in the areas they need to improve. The ability to share data can also be useful to keep players motivated and committed to the team.


Longomatch offers many useful functions for the football coach, including event labeling, statistics analysis, video analysis, presentations creation and sharing data with the team. Using these functions, coaches can evaluate the performance of the equipment and players, adjust the strategy and improve training. Longomatch is a powerful tool for modern football coach and is worth exploring its characteristics to improve the performance of the team.

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