Master in Recruitment and Detection of Professional Talent (Catholic University of Ávila)

Duration: 9 months Start: Immediate Open Squares Degree: Master

You will have the opportunity to voluntarily do your internship in different clubs in Barcelona, including RCD Espanyol or its schools.


With the "Master in Recruitment and Detection of Professional Talent (Catholic University of Ávila)" we will be able to collect all the information of the possible market movements, ups and downs, incorporations, young promises, youth players with the possibility of climbing to the first team and stars that They want to change teams.

All this together with the permanent search to improve our sports block, make this task unique.

Finding the right player for the right position and having a great impact on the team is a very professional and risky task. The incorporations are not always positive and can break the scheme or ideology of the team.

Players who have a strong character or veterans who own the locker room also have to be corrected to synchronize the interests of the sports entity.


It is indicated to people who want to make this specialty their future in football, and especially aimed at graduates in sports sciences or coaches, technicians, physical trainers, quarry managers / coordinators of football clubs.

DURATION: 9 months, completely in ON LINE format. 400 teaching hours



In Soccer it is based at all times on the achievement of knowledge always based on real situations and adapting at all times the training process towards the needs of football clubs, their working methods and the training of students in the early detection of players. All shared with graphic and visual agendas, as well as continuous tutoring by our teachers.


UNIT 1 Detection, recruitment and development of talent in football. Methodology (12 ECTS credits)


  • This university master's degree can be taken by:

    • Graduates / Graduates in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.
    • Qualified trainers.
    • Technicians with football experience.


    The accreditation of these requirements will be validated at the time of registration by the admissions department of FUTBOLLAB.


This master's degree is issued by the AVILA CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY and has 60 ECTS Credits ( 1200 teaching hours).



You can pay with a single payment or in terms of 3, 6 or 12 months!

Curso avalado por:


In collaboration with:

Asociación europea de jugadores


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