Masters in Business Administration and Sports Management Online

Masters in Business Administration and Sports Management Online

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Acredited by Universidad Isabel I
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Certification: Master
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Duration: 6 months
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    Get trained and qualified in the administration and management of sport organizations. Discover the best techniques of marketing, sponsorship and management of resources and personnel.

    Dominates all the concepts and practices of entities control the MBA Sports Management FUTBOLLAB And that part of the requirements and professional demands to clarify concepts, methodologies and apply direct to the daily work.

    FUTBOLLAB will teach you how to handle your company's business resources, create budgets, organize staff to use such information a posteriori to improve practices and performance. And not only this, all the possibilities offered by the marketing and sponsorship are also referred to as allies to your task.

    Discover the features essential to an efficient organization, how to plan an appropriate role and methodologies used for each case. Meet a perfect all current variants of the hands of professionals and through a flexible learning system, with lots of examples and exercises.

    Direct your UNEQUALLED CLUB!


    • UF1: Introduction.
    • UF2: Types of Entities sports.
    • UF3: Information organizations that govern and regulate the sport.
    • UF4: Study of school sports.
    • UF5: STUDY AND FEDERAL professional sports.

    DEVELOPMENT of a sports

    • UF6: Introduction.
    • UF7: Classification of sports clubs, and general caseloads.
    • UF8: Transforming S.A.D. clubs
    • UF9: sports federations and professional leagues.
    • UF10: Statutes of clubs, specifications, terms and legality.
    • UF11: Address sports entities.
    • UF12: minimum mode operation of a sports club.
    • UF13: Internal analysis of the resources may be a sports club.
    • UF14: Creating a sports budget.

    Arranging and conducting of a sports

    • UF15: Organizational structure of a sports club.
    • UF16: Types of sports, possible to organize activities, resource exploitation.
    • UF17: Development potential in organizations in sports equipment.
    • UF18: Development possibilities in individual sports organizations.
    • UF19: other sports
    • UF20: Address, Points to consider
    • UF21: human resources, the importance of recruitment.

    PLANNING, Sports Management

    • UF22: Planning, management and budgetary control.
    • UF23: financial management and accounting.
    • UF24: Auditing a sports club in terms of sporting factors.
    • UF25: Auditing a sports club, in terms of financial factors.
    • UF26: Sports Management installation, plan of action, operation and performance.
    • UF27: Management, operation of the different rooms of the facility.
    • UF28: Legal security of the sports facility and the entity.
    • UF31: Quality audits.


    • UF32: Introduction.
    • UF33: Types of contracts and agreements with public and private partnerships.
    • UF34: Types recruitment
    • UF35: Protecting federative contracts, social security and other social security schemes for.


    • UF36: Taxation of the sports company.
    • UF37: Special Case Reports of sports organizations and sports companies.
    • UF38: Global Project Development prom.

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