Recruitment of Talent
You will have the opportunity to realize, voluntarily, your practices in different clubs of Barcelona, including to the RCD Espanyol or his schools.
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Recruitment of Talent

    With the course of " Talent Recruiting Technician " we will learn how to obtain professional sports information, to locate young promises and how to differentiate the potential of a player in comparison to your skill.

    We will also see exercises to increase our own ability to capture and improve the powers as an observer .

    The module trains basic knowledge in leadership in talent management and the management of football teams, schools and quarries, as well as the use of technology applied to knowledge and the evaluation of the player in situations of training and competition for the development of their abilities.

    It is a way to learn excellent and have an opportunity for professional or linked to the world of football that want to acquire or expand knowledge .

    Know how to perceive talent and know how to make a correct capture of athletes in the field of football

    Know how to identify potential players at an early age

    UNIT 1: Detection, recruitment and development of soccer talent. Methodology

    • 1.1 Concept of talent. Definition, principles and characteristics of talent
    • 1.2 Basis of sports orientation:
    • 1.3 Objectives and types of talent selection
    • 1.4 Methodology and control of the variables that condition success in soccer
    • 1.5 Analysis of methods for the detection and selection of talents

    UNIT 2: Resources in the development of sports talent applied to football

    • 2.1 Conceptualization of the analysis of the competition
    • 2.2 Programs and evaluations for the follow-up of players through technology. Individual and collective scouting
    • 2.3 Techniques for analyzing the performance of the competition at a high level

    UNIT 3 Exploitation of talent

    • 3.1 Process of the players
    • 3.2 Structuring the templates: evaluation and analysis, definition of needs

    UNIT 4 Final Project

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