TIP #5 FOR FOOTBALL COACHES. Who should we analyze: THE RIVAL or OUR TEAM? 🤔


We play twice a year against the opponent, so every week we work on a different situation for each different opponent.

🧠 Have you stopped to think how we could minimize the team's defects if we work with a higher priority in training?

🤔 Why guide very high percentages of training minutes to the contrary, if we only work 180 minutes of the season against them?

If we dedicate 20 HOURS of Analysis to what our players do, both in training situations and in match situations and concluding what we should work on the following week, we will achieve a very noticeable improvement in our players and in the collective game

Above all, to think that of those 20 hours that we dedicate to the analysis of the opponent we must ask ourselves the question "what would we improve if we did them on our team?" In this case, we would improve many aspects that will directly affect our players.

Analyzing our plays and our team is much more profitable, since the more time we dedicate to one thing, which is above all your players and your team, we can conclude:

  • What happens in the GAME?
  • What do we do WELL and what aspects can we IMPROVE?
  • What are the ERRORS that we must minimize?

For this reason, our advice today is: "Observe, analyze and draw conclusions from the opponent but prioritizing your own team", since the sum of this improvement will achieve:

  • More efficiency ➕
  • Better situation regarding the game model 📍
  • Individual enhancement. 🙍🏼‍♂️

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