Midfield control: analyzing the importance of the interior in modern football

In football, Interior position is one of the most important positions in the playing field. Interiors are players who They are usually located in the center of the field, near the midfield line and usually behind the strikers, and Its function is to build plays and support the lead. In this article, We will explore the indoor position in football more thoroughly, his PAPER IN THE GAME and lAs necessary skillsTo perform in this position.

What is an interior in football?

In football, The interiors are players who play in the center of the field and are located on both sides of the defensive midfielder. Its main function is Create goal opportunities and support the team lead. The interiors They can act as offensive midfielders, launching passes towards the strikers or even scoring themselves. Also They can act as defensive midfielders, helping to recover the ball in the middle of the field and slow the attacks of the opposing team.

The necessary skills to play as interior in football:

  • Ability to pass: Interiors need to have an excellent ability to pass. They must be able to send precise and well placed passes to their teammates in the attack.

  • Ball control ability: The interiors must be able to control the ball and keep it in your possession during the time that is necessary, even under pressure.

  • Ability to vision of the game: Interiors must have a good vision of the game and be able to read the situation in the field to make quick and effective decisions.

  • Skill for creativity: Interiors must be creative players and capable of thinking outside the box to create goal opportunities.

  • Defense ability: Interiors must also be able to defend and support the defensive midfielder in the recovery of the ball.

What is the role of the interior in football?

He role of the interior In football can vary according to the tactics and strategy of the equipment, but overall, Its function is to support the front and build plays. The interiorsThey must be able to read the situation in the field,Determine when they should accelerate the game and when they must pause it to control the rhythm of the game. Often, The interiorsThey are responsible for creating goal opportunities, either with a pass to a striker or with a shot.

The interiors also They are important in defense, since they help the defensive midfielder to recover the ball and stop the attacks of the opposing team. Some interiors They are more offensive than others, but in general, All must be able to defend and press the opposite team.


ORInner n In football it is a key player that has a crucial paper in the offensive and defensive game of your team. They must be versatile, strong on marking and have technical skills Outstanding To help your team reach success On the playing field.

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