Keys to be a good goalkeeper coach in football

The soccer goalkeeper coach has a great team responsibility, since it is the responsible for developing technical and tactical skills of the goalkeepers. In this article, we will explore the Most important aspects of goalkeeper training soccer.

Technical knowledge

The goalkeeper coach must have extensive technical knowledge regarding the specific skills and techniques necessary for the position. He must know the different types of grips, blocking techniques, jumps and other skills necessary to successfully perform the goalkeeper's tasks. In addition, you must be able to convey this knowledge in an effective way and adapt them to the individual needs of each goalkeeper.

Physical training

The goalkeepers need to have great resistance and physical strength to endure the entire game. Therefore, the coach must develop a specific physical training program for them. This program should focus on strength and resistance training on the legs, arms and body core.

Mental training

Mental training is important for all players, but it is especially important for football goalkeepers. The coach must teach visualization and concentration techniques to help goalkeepers stay focused and motivated throughout the game. In addition, it must work on stress management and anxiety, since the goalkeepers are usually under great pressure at crucial moments of the party.

Tactics and strategy

The goalkeeper coach must thoroughly include the tactics and game strategy of the team, as well as the tactics of rival teams. You must teach the goalkeepers how to react to different situations in the field, how to read the game and how to interact with the defense of the team.


Communication is key to any soccer player, but it is especially important for goalkeepers. The coach must teach the goalkeepers to communicate effectively with the defense and other teammates. They should know how to give instructions and how to respond to the orders of others.

Evaluation and feedback

The goalkeeper coach must be able to evaluate and provide feedback to the goalkeepers effectively. They must be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each goalkeeper and offer constructive comments to help them improve. They must also be able to adapt their training approach to the individual needs of each goalkeeper.


In summary, football goalkeepers training is Crucial for success of the team in the field. A good goalkeeper coach must have a extensive knowledgetechnical, develop a program of Specific physical training, teach Mental training techniques, understand the Tactics and strategy play and foster a good communication with the Defense and other teammates. In addition, they must be able to evaluate and provideeffective feedback To the goalkeepers.

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