Scouter Football Technician (Universidad Católica de Ávila)

Duration: 5 months Start: Immediate Open Squares Degree: Technical

You will have the opportunity to act, voluntarily, his internships in different clubs in Barcelona.



You can pay with a single payment or in terms of 3, 6 or 12 months!

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Our Scouting Technician is an excellent option that will give you the necessary tools to analyze the potential of the elements and rank the steps to follow.

The Football Scouting Technician is an innovative program based on the latest trends in the sports world, which will ease the comprehensive training of the participant to develop a professional profile. You will be able to analyze collectively the 4 main moments of the game, and the ASB (Association of stopped ball) of both teams involved in the football competition.



Module 1: Introduction to Scouting (3 ECTS credits)

1.1 What is scouting?

1.2 The Beginnings of Scouting

1.3 Justification of scouting

1.4 The Evolution of Scouting

Module 2: Types of Scouting (3 ECTS credits)

2.1 On our team

2.2 On opposing teams

2.3 On players

2.4 On training sessions

Module 3: Scouting Process (3 ECTS credits)

3.1 Documentation Phase

3.1.1 Information to be collected

3.2 Recording

3.2.1 Aspects to take into account

3.3 Analysis

3.3.1 Conditioning aspects of the game Offensive phase Defensive phase Transitions Set plays

3.3.2 Other conditioning aspects

3.4 Conclusions / Relevant compilation of the whole process

Module 4: Report writing (3 ECTS credits)

4.1 Written document

4.2 Visual document

4.3 Audiovisual document

Module 5: Final Project (3 ECTS credits)



At the end of the course you will carry out a final project that will include all the areas studied and that will always involve the development of a real case, since at FutbolLab we want our courses to be directed to the real training situation that the coaches find in their teams.


To enroll you only have to click on the Enroll tab, from there you will be asked to enter your personal data necessary for the academic record and in the final part of the process you can choose the payment format of this program.

Remember that in this course you can go at your own pace and complete it according to your availability, as long as you do not exceed the maximum time to complete it, which in the case of master's degrees is 2 and a half years, 18 months for Expert or Technical courses and 7 months for courses that are not of these categories.

If you still need more time, you must ask the admissions department for authorization to extend the time. If you get a positive response, the new time will be automatically extended.



This Technician's degree is issued by the AVILA CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY and has 20 ECTS credits ( 500 Teaching hours).


Do you have any doubt? You can check our section frequent questions, download the Course program or fill out the following form and we will contact you.


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