Master Sports Director of Soccer Clubs (University Isabel I)
You will have the opportunity to realize, voluntarily, your practices in different clubs of Barcelona, including to the RCD Espanyol or his schools.
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Master Sports Director of Soccer Clubs (University Isabel I)

    The course Sports Máster Director of Clubs of Football (Isabel I) will teach us from the base as a club creates, an insole and his players direct and to manage up to the technical staff. Everything will happen for our hands and with it the responsibility that he carries.

    We will delve into the leadership of the sporting body, in the use that we must to him give and as manage the whole process in order that it does not escape at all to our control.

    We will do all this thanks to the equipment of the area of coordination and technical staff that we will have to our post and of the organization of the whole season.

    The figure of the Technical Director is also the image of the sports institution , so we will always have to take into account all the actions we do both economically and administratively.

    This course will optimize the work in your football club providing maximum efficiency in all aspects, training methodologies applying best teaching styles to different football teams in your club, getting on the road plan, track and evaluate both players and teams, coordinated by the way all the shares of the sporting.

    Getting skills to efficiently manage the management of a football club

    • Know the mark of your sporting goals entity
    • You will know how to make your sports teams schedules
    • You'll see how to choose the sports organization.
    • Implementation of training methodologies appropriate to each formative age.
    • Apply training plans for coaches in your football club
    • Encourage any improvement plans for players and coaches
    • Campus will take advantage of expertise to achieve the improvement of sports players.
    • You will take control of monitoring and evaluation of players, teams and technicians.

    1 - Management by objectives

      • 1.1 General objectives 1.1-school
        • Educational
        • Sports
        • Social
        • Mission and values
      • 1.2 Qualitative Objectives
        • Improved sports entity
        • Improved sports teams and players
        • Improve soccer training methodology.
        • Improved technical training and monitoring.
      • 1.3 Quantitative Objectives
        • Number of teams in the entity
        • Players
        • Competition

    2 - Organizational sport

        • Organization definition.
        • Roles of different members.
        • Technical evaluation and monitoring.

    3 - Technical team teaching

        • Technical training teachers.
        • Planning educational objectives for each stage of formation.
        • Evaluation teaching objectives.

    4 - Work Plan

        • 4.1 Methodology.
        • 4.2 Planning.
        • 4.3 Preparation of equipment: pre baby, baby, juvenile, child.
        • 4.4 Preparation special "youth cadet category."

    5 - Tournaments and competition 5-internal / external.

    6 - Management of equipment and material.

    7 - rating-teams-monitors/trainers-players.

    Knowing how to run a soccer school is not easy, we set ourselves to do, we're going to train ours students in every stage thought this formation. The methodology we use, make the trainers teach our students and we evaluate the results of it, while we keep working with all our staff , manage a football school effectively, depends on all these attributes and the professionalism with which to engage the principal of soccer we cannot let football training operation of our organization to drift so the formation developments go to nothing, but we are positive with our training and our good planning from the formation that is why we must use all the tools we have today in football to achieve maximum efficiency in learning sports.

    It is because of it that I recommend that this course of football in order that he instructs the sports director because it will give a very high value on his basic knowledge of which you must be employed every day at his clubs.

    The sports management program is headed by Doctor of Sports Sciences, Juan Ferrando, who after working at RCD Espanyol, and having been at Arsenal Arsene Wenger, is currently working on the Málaga CF and is professor and director of this course.

    Course endorsed by:

    Center accredited by UCAM

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    RCDE School

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