Expert in Sports Coaching (University Isabel I)
Tendrás la oportunidad de realizar, voluntariamente, tus prácticas en diferentes clubes de Barcelona, incluyendo al RCD Espanyol or their schools.
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Expert in Sports Coaching (University Isabel I)

    The leading of coach goes beyond of the football coach, the sporting coach is a new profession with a strong demand in the professionals football clubs, with our course in sports coaching you will be able to develop in your players solid objectives, elements that identify and work the capacity to acquire resource and overcome obstacle to be able to deal successfully the rivals. Find the keys and strategies to manage groups, maintain the motivation, and leadership to get the goals set.

    All the tools of sports coaching in a course. But no only that: Also how and when to apply, with the best in this area. Learn with them and this course how to be an expert in sportive coaching, optimized the individual and collective performance of the players, improve your abilities of direction and personal management, and developing the good operations of the organizations.

    With this advanced course of FUTBOLLAB you will reinforce your knowledge, and also your conviction. You can learn how operate the mind of athlete and embrace your communicative abilities typical of coaching. 

    How players think, how to motivate and lead them, and the tools to do it. A course that will allow you know real cases to practice and apply the formation while you will going forward in your knowledge. Created to do an easily structure and their contain and cover all of the needs to know.


    1.COACHING: The work to realize on a person

    • I. The importance of the emotional intelligence
      • Know analyse and accepts: strong and weak points
      • The optimism in front to adversity
      • How to transform negative thinking to positive
      • Manage the individuals and groups emotions
      • Lead and know to manage the negative thinking
      • The agreement as a part of responsibility, positive thinking
      • The feedback importance
      • Auto motivations skills
    • II. Educate, Form, work the talent through the emotional intelligence.
      • Analyse who are our barrier and limits
      • Adapt to the chance situation
      • Know accept aspects that do not add to the group of people
      • Work the overcoming adversity, the work of the defeat
      • Can decide, how and when.

    2. Self-assessment of the condition of the group and the people who make it.

    3. The COACHING: the work to realise on the athlete

    • I. Searching the improvement in the work and the results
      • Coordination of the mind and body.
      • Work, magnify, through the positive attitude on a way to thinking the sport performance
      • The feelings as an essential part of the performance.
      • Meet our limitation
      • Promote, work and motivate the aspects which may be an opportunity
      • Ways to work the motivation.
      • Methodology of motivating training
      • The optimism like an essential part in the injure recuperations
      • Know to win, know to lose
    • II. Positive attitude on the search of the best performance
      • Analyse as an essential part of the progress
      • Know learn, know to embrace skills of the improvement in the sport performance
      • Be positive in the search of a good performance
      • Delete negative thinking, believe in get objectives
      • Delete self-complacency
      • The communication among team members as a motivation part.
    • III. PNL applicate to sports.
      • Relaxations skills
      • Affirmation
      • Reframing
      • Anchors
      • The circle of the excellence
      • Visualization
      • Snap pattern
      • Association/dissociation skills
      • External support as a motivation elements
      • Intuition work like an essential part of performance
    • IV. Delete intern aspects that brake the performance
      • Know, want to delete the negative aspects, the fear to not get the objectives
      • The emotions and their potential
      • Know to treat the anxiety and that become a tool to and objective, work of conversations of this to the optimism.
      • State of confidence to get objective
      • Search how to adapt the situations of simulation to that will happen in the competition
    • V. Lead, make the way
      • Who is the leader and what her condition are
      • Principles generating and ways to act
      • Know to win the group, know what their need.
      • Elements that make the leader lose influence
      • Ways to lead group
    • VI. The motivation as an essential part of the process
      • The effectivity in the communication to the achievement of performance
      • Listening and they see you hear
      • Mark which are the pattern to get the improvement
      • Learn with the positive and negative situation
      • Manage the success and failure
      • The team, creation of self-personality
      • Marking us the objectives
      • Be skilled on the positive aspects, minimize the negative, knows get to process an add values
      • The confidence of the members and group as a part of leadership
      • Continued assistance
      • Kinds of leaders

    4.The sports coach

    • I. 1 Learn to train the others and auto-understand with the specific abilities and discipline
    • II. Design the future confront the chance and her resistance, developing the basics competition
    • III. Knows to communicate through the example.
    • IV. Respect the personal area and delete pressures
    • V. Help, collaboration in the personal experience that affect the performance of the athletes. Control, manage and sports emotional independence.
    • VI. Analysis of the competition, decide when to work the intensity in the motivation and the confidence.
    • VII. Knows manage the potential of the group and the people who make up.

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