Injury Prevention Online
You will have the opportunity to realize, voluntarily, your practices in different clubs of Barcelona, including to the RCD Espanyol or his schools.
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Injury Prevention Online

    With the "Expert in Injury Prevention" Course we will learn to collect all the information about the injury of our players and how to act in such cases.

    Remember that not all injuries are the same .

    Muscular injuries that require a short period of rest, recovery sessions and gentle training until joining the routine.

    Bone lesions , which are the ones that most affect the players since they cut the whole progression. They have a slower recovery and must follow both physical and mental. The player must feel protected at all times.

    FUTBOLLAB presents the course in injury prevention expert, a specific training course that focuses on training students with practical methodology and step by step, in the basic knowledge to prevent injuries on the field of sport and for subsequent actions treatment.

    Topics include starting from the concepts to real cases, and covers the actions indicated to prevent the occurrence of injuries in football (prevention) and treatment of injuries (further action) to ensure that the template is ready for competition .

    LESSON 1: Sports injury. Terminology and typology

    LESSON 2: Magnitude of the problem: Incidence and consequences

    LESSON 3: Epidemiology. Multifactorial model and risk factors.

    LESSON 4: Prevention measures from physical activity: Proprioception, Strength, Flexibility and Resistance.

    LESSON 5: Contextualization of sports physical rehabilitation and retraining to effort.

    LESSON 6: Reeducation of basic conditional capacities.

    LESSON 7: Control and monitoring of the injured player. Return to the group.

    LESSON 8: Psychology of the injured footballer.

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