• DVD Fundamentos Tácticos de la Defensa Zonal 2
DVD Fundamentos Tácticos de la Defensa Zonal 2

DVD Fundamentos Tácticos de la Defensa Zonal 2

Tendrás la opción voluntaria de poder hacer prácticas en clubes de Barcelona, con la posibilidad de realizarlas en el RCD Espanyol o sus escuelas.
Titulación: DVD
Disponibilidad: Si
Duración: 3 meses
Comienzo: Right now

    We present a DVD with which you will have in an animate form, all the secrets of the tactical basics of the defense in zone. With this DVD you will get to improve in a deep form you knowledge.

    In this DVD, we will trait in a graphic form the following points getting that your knowledge will be more optimal through the visual elements.

    Initial preparation to the defense in zone

    Defensive situations of superiority

    Defensive situations of equality

    Basics to front the 1x1

    Defensive situations of inferiority

    Zonal references

    Applicative games:

    Improving of the lines of pase

    Improving of the time of movements of the ball

    Methodological training by lines:

    Progressive tasks with a line

    Opponent player that receive of shoulders (basics)

    Progressive tasks with two lines

    Progressive tasks with three lines

    Ordered of the last line (basics)

    Zonal behaviours with the ball in the band

    Exercises of perfection.

    To propose of the game in zone  


    This product only is sold in Spain and Portugal

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