Recruitment and screening of professional talent
You will have the opportunity to realize, voluntarily, your practices in different clubs of Barcelona, including to the RCD Espanyol or his schools.
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Recruitment and screening of professional talent

    With the "Master in Capture and Detection of Professional Talent" course, we will learn to gather all the information about possible market movements, ups and downs, incorporations, young promises, pitchers with the possibility of climbing to the first team and stars that want to change equipment.
    All this together with the permanent search to improve our sports block, make this task something unique.
    Finding the right player for the position indicated and having a great impact on the team is a task of utmost professionalism and risk. The incorporations are not always positive and can break the scheme or the ideology of the equipment.
    Players who have a strong character or veterans who take over the costume also need to be corrected to synchronize the interests of the sporting entity.

    It is suitable for people who want to make this specialty their future in football, and especially aimed at graduates in sports sciences or coaches, coaches, physical trainers, camp managers / football club coordinators.

    DURATION: 6 months, completely in ONLINE format. 400 Teaching Hours



    In soccer, it is based on knowledge at all times, always based on real situations and adapting at all times the training process towards the needs of football clubs, their working methods and the training of students in the early detection of Players. All shared with graphic and visual subjects, as well as the continuous tutoring by our teachers.

    The continuous realization of exercises will give the student the necessary capacity to develop all the final objectives of this master in an optimal and effective way for the professional world of football.


    UNIT 1 Detection, capture and development of football talent. Methodology

    1.1 Concept of talent. Definition and characteristics of the talent.

    1.2 Bases of orientation that must be taken into account to perceive the talent.

    1.3 Objectives and types of selection forms within processes of this type.

    1.4 Methodology and control of the variables that condition the sports success of an athlete.

    1.5 Evaluation and control of training in different contexts and different teaching styles.

    1.6 Sports transitions and their importance in their training.

    1.7 Analysis of methods for the detection and selection of talents.

    1.8 Importance of the context and the psychological world of the talented player.

    UNIT 2. Talent training programs and models

    2.1 Selection process, recruitment and identification of players and their conditions.

    2.2 Most important game systems.

    2.3 Important goals and principles of play. Construction of the training tasks. Training manuals. Foundations for specific positions.

    2.4 Planning and scheduling training and its importance.

    2.5 Design and organization of courses or trainings that exploit talent.

    2.6 Explain how to design and optimize individual or collective performance improvement courses.

    UNIT 3. Technology in the development of talent applied to football

    3.1 Conceptualization of the analysis of the competition and its conditions.

    3.2 Analysis of the training process and the keys to obtaining performance.

    3.3 Programs and evaluations for tracking players through technology. Individual and collective scouting. What to take into account in these analyzes and know how to provide quality data.

    3.4 Techniques of analysis of the performance of the competition and in the trainings.

    3.5 Use of technologies for competition analysis and how to get the most out of them.

    3.6 Control training on all important factors.

    3.7 Programs and examples to keep track of these factors.

    UNIT 4. Personnel management and skills management program

    4.1 Leadership of people and ability to convey assertiveness.

    4.2 Sports coaching and sporting conditions.

    4.3 The Keys to a Person's Emotional World.

    4.4 Intrapersonal and interpersonal communication.

    4.5 Managing conflicts and getting positive from them, creating affective bonds.

    4.6 Teamwork and the sum of collective resources.

    4.7 Time management and take advantage of all the available.

    4.8 Decision making in stress situations and in others.

    UNIT 5. Talent management

    5.1 Process of the players.

    5.2 Planning of the templates and analysis, definition of needs and how to structure them.

    5.3 Definition of a policy and philosophy with club players and coaches.

    5.4 Elaboration of a plan to follow both economic and social-sport

    UNIT 6.

    6.1 Perform the Master's Degree Work


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