Master in Football Management (Florida Global University)

Duration: 9 months Start: Immediate Open Squares Degree: Master

You will have the opportunity to perform, voluntarily, your internships in different clubs in Barcelona.



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Learn about the Master in Football Management, which is responsible for training different professionals in this field, so that they increase their knowledge and also focuses on promoting leadership in the person who takes it.

Just as in many aspects of life, it is necessary to be a good leader. To command a good group, you need the guidance of a person who has completed the appropriate studies to play his role.

The success of a team depends on what was mentioned above, that is something that we are very clear about in our educational systems, which is why this master's degree is responsible for providing the best information to students; so that they increase their productivity and achieve a study endorsed by the prestigious University of Ávila.

This Master in Football Management will be aimed at:

· Soccer club coordinators.

· Football methodologies organizers.

· For those people who have a degree in Sports Arts.

· former players.

· Physical trainers in this sport.

Any person with the aforementioned profiles can be part of our program, which will considerably help develop their abilities to: visualize, analyze and implement the means that help with the productivity of the sports group.

The Master in Football Management that we offer through our network is not like the others, because it is not only about providing knowledge related to the field of football, but it will also prepare the student in different areas.

Based on empirical knowledge, we provide professionals with the ability to develop their leadership and, in addition, increase their capabilities in terms of football methodology and analysis. In this way they can create strategies for optimizing the team. Topics will be covered such as:

· Defensive and offensive strategies.

· The game model.

· Didactics for players.

· Detect and solve problems on the court, among others.

The main idea is to provide students with all the necessary information to develop their skills and be able to formulate strategies for the play, effectively guiding the players under their command. You can adopt these basic definitions to your club's philosophy.


The master's degree in Football Management,that is offered in our educational system, has a series of clear objectives that must be met based on the content in its index:

· Know training methodologies.

· Organize the team in an effective way.

· Learn game analysis.

· Explore the fundamentals, models and physical preparation contextualized in football.

· Know in depth the behaviors of all the players in each game situation.

· Learn what the sports structure of a team is like.

· Develop the ability to create group dynamics according to different characteristics, to meet long and short-term objectives.

· Ability to evaluate and devise an effective game model.

· Recruitment of new players.

Our main objective in this program is for the student to develop their techniques to the maximum. And turn them into football professionals, who have all the necessary qualities to be called the best. We have obtained many results in the football world, for this reason our Master's degree is endorsed by the University of Ávila. Our professionalism and efficiency support us.


Module 1. Introduction to the game. (6 ECTS credits)

  • 1.1. That the coach knows the individual offensive and defensive behaviors according to the player's demarcation on the field of play that we understand as priorities.
  • 1.2. That the coach knows how to explain and reason the reason for all of them.
  • 1.3. Guide the coach to enter into a process of reflection on the exposed behaviors for subsequent adaptation or integration into the strategic system and/or game model intended by each coach.
  • 1.4. That the coach knows different teaching strategies to use for learning and working on different behaviors.
  • 1.5. That the coach knows how to create training situations for work, learning and consolidation of said behaviors.

Module 2. Contextualization (6 ECTS credits)

  • 2.1. Contextualization and orientation of the syllabus in relation to the possible training stages. Orientation to the Technicalization stage. Orientation to the Competition/performance stage.
  • 2.2. Orientation, explanation and contextualization of a zonal defensive system.
  • 23. List of the different defensive lines and demarcations that we are going to establish in our team during the defensive phase.
  • 2.4. Orientation, explanation and contextualization of an offensive system based on the occupation of certain spaces during the offensive phase.

Module 3. Contextualization and presentation of the individual offensive and defensive behaviors of the "line to which the goalkeeper belongs" (6 ECTS credits)

  • 3.1. Contextualization of the line formed by the goalkeeper within the team's defensive block and offensive block.
  • 3.2. Goalkeeper Defensive Behaviors.
  • 3.3. Goalkeeper's Offensive Behaviors.

Module 4. Contextualization and exposition of the individual offensive and defensive behaviors of the "defensive line of 4" (6 ECTS credits)

  • 4.1. Contextualization of the defensive line of 4, Laterals and Centers within the defensive block and the offensive block of the team.
  • 4.2. Defensive behaviors of the Laterals.
  • 4.3. Offensive behavior of the Laterals.
  • 4.4. Defensive behaviors of the Centrals.
  • 4.5. Offensive behaviors of the Centrals.

Module 5. Contextualization and presentation of the individual offensive and defensive behaviors of the "team's interior line or lines" (6 ECTS credits)

  • 5.1. Contextualization of the line or lines of interior players of the team, within the defensive block and the offensive block of the team.
  • 5.2. Defensive behaviors of the interior players (interior, pivots and forward midfielders).
  • 5.3. Offensive behaviors of the interior players (interior, pivots and forward midfielders).

Module 6. Contextualization and presentation of the individual offensive and defensive behaviors of the "offensive line or lines" (6 ECTS credits)

  • 6.1. Contextualization of the team's offensive line or lines, within the defensive block and the team's offensive block.
  • 6.2. Defensive behaviors of the Punta or Puntas.
  • 6.3. Offensive conduct by the Punta or Puntas.
  • 6.4. Defensive behaviors of offensive outside players.

Module 7. The game model (6 ECTS credits)

  • 7.1. Attack phase (Organized attack).
  • 7.2. Defense-Attack transition phase (Counterattack).
  • 7.3. Defense Phase (Organized Defense).
  • 7.4. Attack-Defense transition phase (Defensive organization).

Module 8. Teaching forms (3 ECTS credits)

  • 8.1. SSP (Preferential Simulator Situation).
  • 8.2. Position games and conservations.
  • 8.3. Matches and modified matches.
  • 8.4. Line games.
  • 8.5. Waves.

Module 9. Active methodology (3 ECTS credits)

  • 9.1. Guided discovery.
  • 9.2. Problem resolution.

Module 10. Final Course Project Oriented to Practice (12 ECTS credits)


It is aimed at:

· Technicians who have experience in football.

· Trainers who are qualified.

· Graduates or Bachelors in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.

Each of the program's lines of action is intended to capture and develop talent and aptitude within football.


The way our educational offer works is completely online, that is, you will have the great opportunity to expand your knowledge from the comfort of your home, our Master in Football Management It can enhance your skills 100%.

Likewise, the leader of a club is the one who ensures its performance and prevention of possible failures. Through this program we aim to enhance your capabilities so that you can provide great efficiency to your team. Our method consists of a practical aspect, where you must analyze, devise and be part of a final project, which denotes your real ability to solve problems that may arise during training or during the game.

Due to our distance modality, we use a series of strategies that will effectively deliver information to our students, such as: videos, images and PDF files. With these methods you can expand previous knowledge; This content is provided through a virtual classroom, which has a very simple interface for easy use and understanding.

In addition, we have professionals at your disposal, with whom you can establish a direct connection and you can even interact with them through video conferences or by telephone. The fact is, we will never leave you alone! Our schedules adapt to your time, so you can complete your course at your own pace (as long as you adapt to the time limit established to successfully complete the master's degree).

Note: for more information we invite you to visit our frequently asked questions section. You can confirm your admission via email to or by phone at +34 93 438 60 00


This master's degree is issued by the Florida Global University and has 60 ECTS Credits ( 1500 Hours lessons).


It is aimed at:

· Technicians who have experience in football.

· Trainers who are qualified.

· Graduates or Bachelors in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.

Each of the program's lines of action is intended to capture and develop talent and aptitude within football.

Salidas profesionales y Bolsa Trabajo

Obtaining a degree endorsed by the Catholic University of Avila, you have infinite possibilities of entering the workforce and at FutbolLab we want to show it to you. For this reason, we have provided a section for our students where they can deposit their resume.

In this section you will come face to face with clubs and institutions that request your sports services for different reasons. This facilitates your performance in this field, and ensures that your knowledge will be explored and put into practice. A high-performance education! And the possibility that our masters, courses and other studies will serve you effectively in any work environment.

To make the Master in Football Management On our platform, you will have many opportunities to be recognized by multiple institutions; since each of our educational programs are endorsed by the University of Ávila, which has incredible prestige. This program is a great method to expand your work resume and also to develop your already acquired skills, you can work in areas such as:

· Coordinator of the club's methodological area.

· Quarry director.

· Government organizations related to professional sports.

· Coach of a professional soccer team.

· Recruitment of new sports talents.

· Any field of sports management.


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