Expert in Models of Game in Soccer (University Isabel I)
You will have the opportunity to realize, voluntarily, your practices in different clubs of Barcelona, including to the RCD Espanyol or his schools.
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Expert in Models of Game in Soccer (University Isabel I)

    With the Course "Expert in Game Models in Soccer" we will learn to segment the actions of a team. On the one hand the defensive actions and on the other side the offensive ones.

    Defensive actions are the most important part of the team and the one that works the most, as it is put to the test every day in training and in every offensive play in the matches.

    Offensive actions are a different part to try where you are looking first to convert plays to reach goal directly and the other is take advantage of defensive clearance or of vertical additions with counterattacks that can break a match .

    All these actions are worked very hard and make Soccer models a technical philosophy, structured and tactical at the same time .

    If you've ever wanted to create and shape specialist play models during game, this is your course.

    Organize the game represents the main activity of the coach, and get a game model is established effective and supreme importance. With that FUTBOLLAB course, you can learn game phases and the necessary didactic way.

    From basic skills and concepts to the creation and evolution of models as needed. The agenda will reveal aspects to consider to build your own model of play, how to train and when to use variants, among many other issues.

    Acquires specialist level playing patterns this pedagogical orientation course, with numerous practical applications and examples that you can apply from the first day.




    • UF1: Attack phase (organized attack)
    • UF2: Phase Transition Defense-Attack (Counter)
    • UF3: Phase of Defense (Defense organized)
    • UF4: Transition phase attack-defense (defensive Organization)


    • UF5: SSP (Preferential Location simulator)
    • UF6: Games and conservations position
    • UF7: Matches and modified games
    • UF8: Games Lines
    • UF9: Waves


    • UF10: Guided Discovery
    • UF11: Troubleshooting


    • UF12: Content and Slogans
    • UF13: Steps to guide the game to the content
    • UF14: Analysis rivals and importance of these tasks for making
    • UF15: Importance of offensive and defensive strategy, and training methodology


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