Sports Coordination Expert

Duration: 3 months Start: Immediate Degree: Expert

You will have the opportunity to voluntarily do your internship in different clubs in Barcelona, including RCD Espanyol or its schools.


With the Course of "Expert in Sports Coordination" we will learn to manage clearly and concisely a team of players where the first thing we seek is to sign. The incorporation of young promises, experienced players and others who contribute from the quarry make this a project with a lot of future.

All that together with a skillful coach who knows how to carry with his head, everything that is worked in the offices. Incorporations, casualties (injured), technical staff, medical staff and the family of the players, make a winning project possible.

A football club manages to be great when the successes arrive, for that reason, from the preseason that one works very hard to be able to clarify everything that we want to polish and thus be able to manage in an organized way a "Coordinated" team.


In this course, FUTBOLLAB seeks to ensure that soccer coaches or, where appropriate, the people that sports entities appoint sports coordinators, know how to carry out the coordination tasks of a football team with the best solvency, with the greatest efficiency in their decisions, having to Manage well and optimally.

In this COORDINATION SOCCER TEAMS course, the student is expected to know the functions that must be mastered in sports coordination, identifying all the components that can ensure that the entity has a better sports performance, and watching and ensuring that work teams have, comply and follow the planning, and because they continue to make continuous group and individual evaluations of both players and technical positions, seeking to ensure that the use of resource optimization tools is a maximum in their professional development. They will expand the knowledge in this course with all the supports that can give added value, as well as the best actions and / or applications to be used for good sports coordination.

We seek to give the appropriate knowledge so that the coordination in football, take into account all the variables that have to be evaluated to achieve a good functioning, the coordinator must know how to communicate his project idea, coordinate the human teams, know how to choose well what coaches They are related to the model, know how to evaluate the technicians, control the sports regulations for their knowledge, treatment of licenses, withdrawals, registrations, evaluation of the different stages of coordination, initiation, technification and performance, from FUTBOLLAB, it is intended to give the best training for the professionalization of the figure of the coordinator in football, getting people who have these functions know what they should do and how to get it, and there this course gives a high added value.

The most relevant aspects that this course will work on are:

  • Internal analysis of the sports entity to mark the general objectives of sports coordination.
  • Establishment of a typological pattern of coaches related to the objectives set by the coordination.
  • Selection of appropriate personnel.
  • Sports coordination of the members of the coaching staff.
  • Creation of the temporary planning of the terminal objectives of each stage, initiation, technification and performance.
  • Continuous evaluation of the objectives of the teams of the different stages.
  • Motivation of coaches and technical teams.
  • Reporting of the entity's football teams, as well as coaches.
  • Establishment of training course for trainers.
  • Knowledge update by coaches by stages.
  • Mastery of sports regulations regarding sports management, licensing, registration, cancellation, etc...
  • Treatment of resources and written times before the corresponding federation.
  • Preparation of annual reports of coordination of football teams that have their sports entity.
  • Report of variables to change in upcoming seasons.

With this course you will optimize the work in your football club, achieving maximum efficiency in all aspects, applying training methodologies with the best teaching styles applied to the different football teams of your club, getting along the way to plan, track and evaluate both players and teams, coordinating along the way all the actions of the sports management



You can pay with a single payment or in terms of 3, 6 or 12 months!

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