Middle Degree in FP in Guide of the Natural Environment and Free Time (2nd Course)

Duration: 9 months Degree: Official

You will have the opportunity to act, voluntarily, his internships in different clubs in Barcelona.

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These studies will allow you to guide trails and mountain areas on foot, by bicycle or horseback, where escalation or mountaineering techniques are not necessary. Also to become a water sports technician, urban and emerging sports technician. And free time monitor.

The duration is 2000 hours distributed in two academic courses. With 400 hours of FCT (practices).

Teachings: Medium-grade training cycle

Professional family: physical and sports activities.

Professional Field: Physical and Sports

Face-to-face modality

Site: Castelldefels. College Frangoal, Olympic Channel of Castelldefels, Padelium, Escola RCD Espanyol and other sports facilities.


In the end, he is credited as:

  • Technician in carrying out activities of the natural environment and free time monitor. Official degree Ministry Education


Access to the cycle

  • Graduated in ESO
  • Have a technical title
  • Having passed the examination of entry to middle-grade cycles.
  • They have completed the specific course of access to middle-grade cycles.
  • Having spent the second unified and versatile baccalaureate course (BUP)
  • Have other equivalent studies for academic purposes.
  • Having spent the examination of admission to the university for more than 25 years.


What can you do at the end?

  • Other medium-grade training cycles
  • Middle Degree in Equestrian Activities
  • High grade preparation course for incorporation into higher grade formative cycles of another branch.
  • Higher grade of physical conditioning.
  • Higher grade in teaching and socio-sports animation.


Professional outings

  • Mountain companion
  • Tourism Guide EQUESTRE
  • Bicycle itineraries
  • Coordinator of driving / guide activities in tourism companies or public entities or private activities in nature
  • Promoter of driving activities / guides in clubs and associations.


The schedule will be:

  • From Monday to Friday: from 08.00 A.m. at 13.30 p.m.


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