Official Degree Middle Degree of Physical-Sports Activities in the Natural Environment

Start: September 17 Degree: Official

You will have the opportunity to voluntarily do your internship in different clubs in Barcelona, including RCD Espanyol or its schools.

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These studies enable you to guide trails and mountain areas on foot, by bicycle or on horseback, where climbing or mountaineering techniques are not necessary. Also to become a water sports technician, urban and emerging sports technician.

The duration is 1,400 hours (990 in the center and 410 in a work center) distributed in an academic year.

The duration in the center of Navarra is 1,400 hours (960 in the center and 440 in a work center) distributed in an academic year.

Teaching: Middle Grade Formative Cycle
Professional family: Physical and sports activities
Professional field: Physical and sports
Modality: Face-to-face
Place: Castelldefels. Frangoal College



1.- Tutoring (30h)

  • Description: In this space students will have an orientation service at all levels. In the following link you will find in detail what we work on. Orientation to students.

2.- The Natural Environment (60h)

  • Subject description: In this subject, students learn concepts related to the natural environment, analysis of the environment and its geographical characteristics, creation and interpretation of itineraries, knowledge of weather conditions...

3.- Conduction of groups and activities in the Natural Environment (120h)

  • Subject description: Organization of stays and camps. Programming of activities based on the characteristics of the group and its objectives.

4.- Security and survival in the mountains (90h)

  • Subject description: Analysis and knowledge of regulations related to outdoor practice, as well as environmental protection. Know how to use the safety equipment, its features and applications.

5.- Driving groups by bicycle (120h)

  • Subject description: Analysis of the organization procedures for a bike trip, control and creation of itineraries. Students will also learn to repair bicycles, and acquire knowledge of mechanics and materials.

6.- Driving groups on horseback and basic equine care (180h)

  • Subject description: In this subject students acquire knowledge related to the anatomy, physiology and behavior of the horse. You will also learn to take care of the material and the maintenance of stables.

7.- Administration and management and commercialization in small businesses (60h)

  • Subject description: The creation of a fictitious company dedicated to the management of sports activities will be worked on. The agenda includes the learning of human resources, marketing and sales concepts.

8.- Fundamentals of physical activity (30h)

  • Subject description: The student will learn the basics of the biology of physical work and the response of the different systems in the practice of sports activities.

9.- First aid (30h)

  • Subject description: In this subject we work on the different situations in which we can find ourselves in the field of first aid and especially in the sports field. How to act in case of falls, burns, bruises, blows to the head, wounds...

10.- Physical activities for people with disabilities (30h)

  • Subject description: Sport by definition is an example of adaptation and social integration. It allows us a wide variety of proposals that help people with some type of disability to actively participate in activities that are beneficial for the body, but especially for the mind.

11.- Group dynamics (60h)

  • Subject description: Subject in which the psychological factors that can influence the conduct of sports activities will be analyzed. The different animation systems and techniques will also be worked in a practical way.

12.- Training and career guidance (60h)

  • Subject description: Subject destined to the study of the different labor options of the CAFEMN student and how to orient the personal training to the area that interests us most. It also works the configuration of the personal curriculum vitae of each student.

13.- Synthesis (60h)

  • Subject description: In this subject the students do a complete team work with the objective of creating different activities that will be carried out with students and in a real mountain environment.



Module 1.- Displacement, stay and security in the terrestrial environment

  • The natural environment - 20h Classroom, 40h Practice
  • Driving groups and activities in the natural environment - 40h Classroom, 80h Practice
  • Safety and survival in the mountains - 30h Classroom, 60h Practice

Module 2.- Driving groups on bicycles

  • Driving groups on bicycles - 40h Classroom, 80h Practice

Module 3.- Driving groups on horseback and basic equine care

  • Driving groups on horseback and basic equine care - 0h Classroom, 180h Practice

Module 4.- Administration, management and commercialization in small businesses

  • Administration, management and marketing in small business - 60h Classroom, 0h Practice

Module 5.- Biological fundamentals, health and first aid

  • Fundamentals of physical activity - 30h Classroom, 0h Practice
  • First aid - 30h Classroom, 0h Practice

Module 6.- Physical activities for people with disabilities

  • Physical activities for people with disabilities - 10h Classroom, 20h Practice

Module 7.- Group dynamics

  • Group dynamics - 30h Classroom, 30h Practice

Module 8.- Training and career guidance

  • Training and career guidance - 60h Classroom, 0h Practice

Module 9.- Synthesis

  • Synthesis (some hours are done outside the center) - 20h Classroom, 40h Practice

Available to the center to adapt the cycle in the socioeconomic environment of the school

  • Tutoring - 30h Classroom, 0h Practice
  • Practice Coordination - 30h Classroom, 0h Practice
  • Alternative sports of sliding Longboard (skate) - 0h Classroom, 30h Practice

TOTAL HOURS 990h - 440h Classroom, 550h Practice


The schedule will be:

  • From Monday to Friday: from 08.00 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. (morning group) and from 3.00 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. (afternoon group)


The duration will be:

  • 1 academic year FCT in companies of the sector


At the end you are credited as:

  • Technician in conducting physical-sports activities in the natural environment


Access to the cycle

  • Graduated in ESO
  • Have a technical degree
  • Having passed the entrance exam to the Middle Grade Cycles
  • Have completed the specific course of access to Middle Grade Cycles
  • Having passed the second course of the unified and versatile batxillerate (BUP)
  • Have other equivalent studies for academic purposes
  • Having passed the university entrance exam for over 25 years


What can you do at the end?

  • Other Middle Grade Formative Cycles
  • Middle Degree in Eqüestres Activities
  • CICS Preparation Course for incorporation into Higher Degree Formative Cycles
  • Other Higher Degree Training Cycles
  • Higher Degree of Physical Conditioning
  • Higher Degree in Teaching and Socio-Sports Animation


Professional outings

  • Mountain escort
  • Eqüestre Tourism Guide
  • Bike itineraries guide
  • Coordinator of driving activities / guide in tourism companies or public or private entities of activities in nature
  • Promoter of driving activities / guides in clubs and associations


  • Adventure sports companies.
  • Tourism companies: hotels, campsites, hostels or colonial houses, shelters.
  • Travel agency.
  • Management companies of natural parks or protected areas.
  • Sport clubs.
  • Schools
  • Ski resorts with complementary offer of activities.
  • Public entities that offer programs of activities in the natural environment.


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