FutbolLab offers a comprehensive service of sports and educational stays for players from all over the world in Spanish football clubs. Through personalized training and active participation with the teams we have a collaboration agreement in Barcelona, it is aimed at these players to acquire new individual and collective knowledge.

FutbolLab offers an internship service for players, mainly in Barcelona but also gives the possibility of doing them in other Spanish cities like Madrid, Coruña, Bilbao and Seville.

We want football players from other countries to make stays with FutbolLab. In this way, we would like to help you to know firsthand how you work in Spanish football and what is the technical, tactical, physical and psychological methodology of training carried out by Spanish players. It will be carried out through the first level clubs with which they have agreements, since these have been the great participants of the successes of their teams and especially the national team, which has won two Eurocopas and a World Cup.

In all cases, FutbolLab will give support through its virtual campus from before, during and after the internship to discuss the evolution and knowledge acquired by the players who visit us. It seeks to complement the knowledge and skills of any player who performs internships, with the idea that these give added value to carry out the team where he works and evolves on a professional and personal level.

InternshipsDescription Internships
1 WeekFor a week you will receive technical-tactical training in a personalized way. You will work in one of the clubs that we have agreement and you will receive individual tecnification by our highly qualified technicians, offering you reports in audiovisual material so that you can see how to improve from your game. In addition, you will complement your daily work with video sessions and analysis of your workouts.
2 Week
4 Week
2 MonthDuring 2 months you will receive training through one of the clubs where we have agreements, which together with the individualized work and the analysis of your game by our experts, will give an ostensible improvement to your level as a player. In addition, you will participate actively in the training, so you will put into practice the improvements worked, as well as the training methodology that is applied in Spain.
3 MonthThese programs are of a high specialization and give the soccer players the ability to see how they work the integrated training and under real situations of the game in teams as in individual situations or small groups, so that their enrichment Will be given by the knowledge obtained from our technicians and analysis in audiovisual reports of the player's training, which will be analyzed in detail for the improvement of our players.
6 Month
10 Month

At all times we will try to give the best training, obtain maximum efficiency and always work with technicians of the highest level, as well as with the most notable football clubs. By this means you can make a qualitative leap in your football career and create a style of your own and innovative that you can transmit in your home country.

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