6 Month Player Internship

Duration: 6 months Open Squares

You will have the opportunity to train with level teams, and make an individual plan for technical and tactical improvement with the best technicians. We will carry out monitoring reports, analysis of your game and improvement plans for your performance.

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You can pay with a single payment or in terms of 3, 6 or 12 months!

In collaboration with:

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If you are looking for a sports stay in Barcelona in football clubs to improve your abilities as a player, see how your game develops in powerful teams of the city of Barcelona, we encourage you to make this stay with us to see your level in an environment of High capacity teams and players.

You will have a personalized improvement plan and perform daily workouts with different teams where we will analyze your game and establish improvement reports so that your game can be much more efficient, and of course we will issue evaluation reports and follow-up certificates so you can corroborate your experience with us once you return to your country. FutbolLab will help you to carry it out, and organize and manage it easily and simply in company with our staff and always accompanied by our staff, all of whom work or have worked in professional and semi-professional clubs.

The level of teams / categories of Catalan football is positioned among the best and FutbolLab gives you the opportunity to train with them and be in training as a player assimilating the slogans of the technicians in training, and always having Futbollab staff attending and Tutoring your evolution.

You will also have an individualized training program that will lead you to the improvement of technique and tactics, aspects that will give your game a plus. In an absolutely new way, we will record your performances to analyze your game, and issue reports, analysis of your level and of all the variables that we can improve, having individual tutorials with Futbollab technicians where in an audiovisual way, they will show you how you should improve, and which with your abilities in the game and how to improve them.

Below we will detail all the information about the "7-day player" program. You can make a customized program for a longer time having the same weekly structure.

During the time you are with us you will be part of our team and with the company of our technicians, YOU WILL TRAIN in different teams, and you will have an individualized training and monitoring plan for your game. Reports of your evolution, level and of course, according to your talent, we will commit ourselves to give an exit in teams of your level.

This internship will feature the company of our football team technicians and the technicians of the Barcelona clubs with whom we collaborate.

This internship incorporates a training stay in the company of our football team technicians, where you can see live how it works and how the different Training Methodologies that are giving so many successes to Spanish Soccer are applied.

In summary:

  • You will have an individualized training plan during the mornings in all areas necessary for a player.
  • We will enter into tasks of analysis of the different variables of your game and areas of interest such as Scouting, Physical Preparation or improving the diet and mental work of the player.
  • You will perform analysis of the main trainings in which you have participated in company with our technicians, issuing assessment reports of your learning with us and improvements so that you can apply it.
  • And so that your learning does not stay here we offer you an advisory service once your stay in Spain of the game is over, and of your evolution after your stay with us.

· Finally, we remind you that you can customize your internship with the additional services you will find in the other information tabs.


Registration Period:

The season in Spanish football runs from September to June (the pre-season of the teams can start in August). Sports stays can be made every month of the year except for Julio.


From the age of 16.

Payment method:

To formalize the enrollment to the program: * Payment of 10% of the program *

** 15 days before: 25% of the payment and the rest before starting the improvement program. **

* Bank transfer to FutbolLab account not returnable. * ** Charges due to international bank transfers will be borne by the customer. * *

Important information:

The action of joining any FutbolLab program means that the athlete, as well as the guardians of the same, assume, understand and accept all the General Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy and the Rules of Conduct of the FutbolLab Programs.


To make your stay with us the best for you, you can add the services that suit you to those already included in our Sports Level.

Accommodation Residence / Host Family:

The residence:

  • It has a caretaker and security 24 hours a day.
  • Single or double rooms.
  • It has a closet, bed, desk, chair, shelving by coach and a mini fridge to share.
  • Access to Wifi and the common room with TV

Diets or meals Full board: Includes 3 meals a day:

  • Breakfast (coffee, juice, cereals, milk, water, etc...).
  • Lunch and dinner (1st dish, 2nd course, dessert and water)

Being the services of breakfast, lunch and dinner in places agreed by the organization and tested by our staff. Any variation of the menu must be requested along with your budget. There is the possibility of hiring hotel accommodation in an additional way and out of initial budget. -Very close to sports facilities. -Well press releases. -The rooms have free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV and air conditioning.

Welcome Package - Farewell:

Welcome pack:

  • We will pick you up at Barcelona's Prat airport.
  • Delivery of “the FutbolLab folder” with all the necessary information for your stay.

Farewell Package:

  • We will take you to Barcelona's Prat airport.
  • Delivery of your diploma proving your stay with us and all your acquired knowledge.

Diets - Full Board / Half Board / Accommodation Only:

You can voluntarily contract the diets with us, either with or without residence, in this way you will know your costs from the beginning and you will have your expenses controlled. The full board / half board in the FutbolLab programs, with exceptions, includes 2 or 3 meals a day. Breakfast (includes coffee, juice, cereals, milk, water, etc.). Food (includes 1st dish, 2nd dish, dessert and water). Dinner (includes 1st dish, 2nd dish, dessert and water). Any variation or extension of the menu must be requested, subject to possible budget variation.


The insurance included will be medical insurance, which includes the transportation of the coach to the medical center and the necessary medical treaties in case of an accident.

Visit Baseball:

There will be guided visits to the most important football schools in Barcelona at the moment. These visits will help the coaches to know how to work in Barcelona. Technicians of these entities and FutbolLab will explain all the concepts that are worked on.

Training with equipment:

Coaches will enjoy training sessions together with Barcelona Base Football teams.

Party Preparation:

During your training week you will attend competition matches where you will see what are the premises of the coaches in Barcelona and you will see how a competition match is prepared.

Party analysis session:

Once the match is over, with the company of our technicians, it will be analyzed so you can learn, see and show your knowledge always with the advice of our professionals.

Transportation from Barcelona's Prat airport:

Transportation, round trip, to Barcelona's Prat airport. Whether your stay is at the Hotel or at the FutbolLab Residence.

Recreational activities:

FutbolLab stays can be complemented with:

  • Tickets to watch the League and Champions matches of FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol.
  • Visits to the FC Barcelona museum.
  • Stays to theme parks like Port Aventura.
  • Guided cultural visits to get to know the beautiful city of Barcelona as the Sagrada Familia, the Parc Güell, among others.

Soccer Support:

FutbolLab will provide you with comprehensive support at all times during your stay in Barcelona. You will have one of our professionals at your disposal to offer you all the support and help you need. It will accompany you to the activities you request and you will be provided with a contact phone with availability 24 hours a day.

Sports Laundry:

Clothes cleaning service three times a week.


Orientation Planning:

Image not available

** Personal plan subject to variations, for reasons of improvement and / or adaptation to the coach who visits us.


Do you have any doubt? You can check our section frequent questions, download the Course program or fill out the following form and we will contact you.