Emotional Management Online
You will have the option voluntary to be able to do internships in Barcelona clubs, with the possibility of doing them in the RCD Espanyol or their schools.
Degree: Técnico
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Duration: 3 Months
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Emotional Management Online

    Emotions are like energy, can not be destroyed but save and change its shape. Learn the techniques of emotional control to assess the condition of the players and take advantage of the emotions in the competition making them an advantage for the team.

    The objectives of this course are as do, in order to control as much as possible the emotions of the players in competitive situations, such as learning to assess emotional states, and how to change instruments and techniques that can control emotions , make emotions into something positive and summative value.


    • -Introduce the concept of Emotion and its application in the field of sport: theoretical models explain underpinning the value of emotion in the sports field.
    • - Learn to assess emotional states and their changes: understanding and explaining the application of assessment instruments emotion.
    • - Applied Workshops on Managing Emotions in sport.
    • - Show applied work is done with different sports agents in the emotional.

    Contents of the course:

    1. The work of the excitement in the sports world.
    2. The importance of the social image of the sportsman
    3. Emotion work toward a positive outcome
    4. Rest as a positive value in physical activity.
    5. Follow-up assessment exercises
    6. Practical work of the subject
    7. -Emotions in sport
    8. -Bases of Emotional Intelligence
    9. -Help athletes manage their emotions
    10. -Manage team emotions
    11. -Follow-up assessment exercises
    12. -Follow-up assessment exercises

    Center accredited by:

    Center accredited by Universidad Isabel I
    RCDE School Universidad Isabel I

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    RCDE School

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