FutbolLab offers full service sports and educational accommodations for soccer players of all over the world in the headquarters of spanish football clubs. Through active participation and personalized trainings with the teams that we have agreements in Barcelona, we'd like for all the players that come to learn new football knowledge both individually and collectively.


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FUTBOLLAB offers an internship service for soccer players, mainly in Barcelona even though there's also the possibility of doing them in other spanish cities such as Madrid, Coruña, Bilbao or Sevilla.

We would like that soccer players from other countries could stay with us in FUTBOLLAB. This way, we'd like to help them learn first hand how spanish football clubs work and what are the technical, tactical, physical and psychological methods of training that spanish football players hold. This will be achieved through top level clubs with whom we have agreements, given that these have been the most influential teams in modern football and the ones that have brought so much success to the most glorious era in spanish football.


In all of this cases, FUTBOLLAB will give support through its virtual campus before, during and after the internship. This way we try to keep up with all the players that visit us, follow their development and clear any doubts or help they could have.


Looking to complement the knowledge and skills to any player that does the internship, with the idea that these give an added value for them to take on to any organization they work for and to help them evolve professionally and personally.


There are three types of stays that we offer:

  • - Weekly stay: During one week you will receive personalized technical and tactical formation. You'll work in one the clubs that we have agreements with and will receive individual technification by a highly qualified coaching staff that offer audiovisual reports so you can watch and know in what and how you can improve in your game. Besides, you will have sessions for video analysis of your training.

  • - Monthly stay:  During 4 weeks you will receive a formation that will give you a notable improvement as a player, joint with individual work and game analysis by our experts, based in one of the clubs that we have agreements with. You will participate actively in training, this way you can put to practice anything you want or can endure, as well as learning the successful training methods in Spain.

  • - Three months, six and a whole season: This programs are of high specialization and are capable of giving soccer players the possibility of watching how to work in integrated training exercises and under real match situations for teams, individuals or small groups. The growth of every player comes from the knowledge imparted by our staff and the detailed analysis in audiovisual reports of the players training.


In every moment we look to give the best formation, reach maximum efficiency and always work with top level coaches, as well as with the most recognized football clubs. By these means you will be able to make that jump in your football career and create your distinctive style which you can pass on in your country.

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