Sports Management Schools Football / Summer Camps Online

Sports Management Schools Football / Summer Camps Online

Acredited by:

Acredited by Universidad Isabel I
Damos la opción voluntaria de poder hacer prácticas, al acabar el curso, en el RCD Espanyol en l'Hospitalet de Llobregat.
Certification: Master
Availability: Yes
Duration: 6 months
Begin: Right now

    How to create a soccer school and its sports management, how to work the different goals at different stages of formation, as to methods and forms of teaching, showing the coaches what should be the objectives in every age, both technical and tactical, physical and psychological, to be directed towards a real game based training.

    This course will optimize the work in a football club, you getting the maximum efficiency in all aspects , applying methodologies of training with the best teaching styles applied to different soccer teams in your club, getting on the way to plan , track and evaluate both players and teams , coordinating on the road all shares of the sport address

    Get practical knowledge for managing a sports management club football efficiently

    • Know as sports brand your company goals
    • You will learn how to make your sports team schedules
    • You will see how to choose the sports organization.
    • Implementation of training methodologies appropriate to each formative age .
    • Begin to apply training plans for coaches your football club
    • Encourage any improvement plans for players and coaches
    • Campus will take advantage of expertise for improving sports players.
    • You will take control of monitoring and evaluation of players, teams and technicians.

    Unit 1:

    Previous basic concepts: Diagnosis for club identity .

    Unit 2 :

    The grassroots coordinator .

    Unit 3 :

    Create an own philosophy club.

    Unit 4 :

    Methodology for proper operation of the base.

    Unit 5:

    Other secondary functions grassroots coordinator .

    Unit 6:

    Selection , recruitment and internal training football coaches in our club.
    Policy quarry coaches.

    Unit 7:

    Control and monitoring of Soccer Coaches .

    Item 8:

    Collection, control and monitoring of soccer players .

    Unit 9:

    Sports Management Campus in football.
    Days of specialization and individual improvement or lines.

    Unit 10:

    Masters final .

    Learn to lead a football school is not easy , we must set ourselves to do, we're going to train in each training step, as we do, that training methodology will be performed, who will be our coaches, how we will form people, as we will assess the development of our players and the work of our technicians, manage a football school effectively will depend on all these attributes and professionalism with which the principal football is engaged , we can not allow the operation of football training our entity to drift without rhythm, so just get that formative development of the child also to drift and learning is simply the natural, this evolution is much more positive thanks to good planning from sports management, which is why we must use all the tools we have today in football to achieve maximum efficiency in learning the sport .

    That is why I recommend this course DIRECTOR OF SPORTS FOOTBALL CLUBS because it will give you a very high added value in your skills than you must work every day in your clubs.

    Also this program SPORTY STEERING , is headed by Doctor of Science Sport , Juan Ferrando, who after working in RCD Espanyol and having been in the ARSENE WENGER, currently working in MALAGA CF and is a professor and director this course offers you FUTBOLLAB DIRECTOR SPORTS SOCCER SCHOOLS .

    Price: 1 995,00 € tax incl.

    You can pay in 5 times!!

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