FutbolLab offers a comprehensive service of sports and educational stays for teams from all over the world in football clubs in Catalonia. Through collective trainings based on training methodologies with real situations of the game and new teaching styles that can be applied playing games against teams of different categories in the city of Barcelona.

FutbolLab offers an internship service for foreign teams in Barcelona.

We want all members of a football team to work and see how they work here and what is the methodology of training carried out by the Catalan teams with the aim of living in first person and from inside a real experience and different from the Most powerful clubs in the world. This will complement the tactical and technical skills of your players directly and you can adopt new ways to see football training.

In all cases, FutbolLab will support through its virtual campus before, during and after the internship to discuss the evolution and knowledge acquired by the foreign teams that visit us.

InternshipsDescription Internships
1 WeekFor seven days your team will receive and work on personalized training on real training situations, which will be complemented with games against Barcelona teams where your team will put the knowledge acquired. In addition, the daily work of your team will be improved with video sessions and analysis of the training sessions.
2 WeekFor 14 days your team will receive training through videos and group training sessions that will be complemented with matches of competition against Catalan teams, so you can live the methodology worked, as well as the teaching styles applied in Catalonia.
4 Week
2 Month
3 MonthThese programs are of a high specialization and give the ability to the soccer teams that perform them to work directly the integrated training under real situations of the game during the stay, with continuous matches of competition against teams of Barcelona, reason why its enrichment will come given For the knowledge that they obtain in the perfecting workouts that are realized as well as the matches of competition against Equipment in the area.
6 Month
10 Month

At all times we will try to give the best training, obtain maximum efficiency and always work with technicians of the highest level, as well as with the most notable football clubs.

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