• Official Title of Middle Degree in Soccer
Official Title of Middle Degree in Soccer
You will practice in football clubs, with the possibility of doing them in a RCD Espanyol School.
Degree: Oficial
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Duration: 670H + 350H Prácticas
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Price: 3 307,59 € tax incl.

¡Make football your profession!

Official Title of Middle Degree in Soccer

    The middle grade PRESENT of sports coach in football, level 1 and 2, is a official academic degree approved and regulated by Royal Decree 320/2000 of 3 March and Royal Decree 1913/1997 of 19 December.

    It corresponds to the first level for the obtaining of the degree of average degree of the technical technician in the soccer. These teachings have been configured in order to equip students with the knowledge to exercise the competencies of their functions.

    According to this generic objective, emphasis is placed on achieving a complete formation, with a balance between the theoretical and practical character of it, so that the training process is linked to the scientific-technical and social reality of football.

    Professional Profile Definition

    The degree of a mid-level sports coach in football, level 1 and 2, proves that the holder has the necessary skills to initiate football, as well as to promote this sport.

    Professional outings

    After obtaining the level 1 of this average degree, the sports coach in football will be active in the field of sports initiation. He will act within a public or private body related to the practice of football. The different types of entities or companies where they can perform their functions are:

    • Schools and centers of sports initiation
    • Sports clubs and associations
    • Sports federations
    • Sports Patronage
    • Sports service companies
    • School centers (extracurricular activities)


    Number of teaching hours: 475 hours


    Common Block

    • Anatomical and physiological bases of sport I
    • Psychopedagogical bases of teaching and training I
    • Sports Training I
    • Sociological foundations of sport I
    • Organization and legislation of sport I
    • First aid and hygiene in sport I
    • Theory and sociology of sport I

    Specific block

    • Professional development I
    • Equipment management I
    • Methodology of teaching and training of soccer I
    • Physical Preparation I
    • Rules of the game I
    • Sports safety I
    • Tactics and game systems I
    • Individual and collective technique I

    Complementary block

    • Informatics I
    • English I
    • Sport for the disabled I

    Practical training block

    • Professional Practice I


    • Instruct on the fundamental principles of football technique and tactics
    • Driving and accompanying the team during sports
    • To guarantee the safety of the athletes and to apply if necessary first aid

    Professional capacity

      • It teaches soccer, following the objectives, contents, resources and methods of the evaluation, and the function of the general programming of the activity.

      • Instruct students about basic soccer techniques and tactics, using the appropriate equipment and materials, demonstrating movements and gestures according to the reference models.

      • To evaluate the level of progression of learning, identify technical and tactical errors of athletes, their causes and apply the methods and means necessary for their correction, preparing them for the later phases of sports tecnification.

      • Teach the use of the specific facilities of football fields.

      • Inform about the appropriate clothing for the practice of football.

      • Select, prepare and supervise teaching materials.

      • To exercise control of the group, cohesion and dynamizing the activity.

      • Teach and enforce the basic rules of football regulations.

      • Motivate the students in the technical progress and the improvement of the physical condition.

      • To transmit to the athletes the norms, values and ethical contents of the sport practice.

      • Introduce athletes into healthy sports.

      • Prevent the most frequent injuries in football.

      • Apply, if necessary, emergency assistance following the established protocols and guidelines.

      • Control the availability of existing healthcare.

      • Organize the transfer of the sick or injured, in case of emergency, in safety conditions and using the most appropriate system to the injury and severity level.

      • Collaborate with the medical assistance services of the sports facility.

      • Detect technical information related to your professional duties

    General data:

    • Description: Through this service you can apply for the homologation or the validation of non-university degrees obtained abroad.
    • Recipients: Non-university graduates who have completed their studies abroad.
    • Requirements: All the documents that are contributed to this procedure must be official and be issued by the competent authorities to do so, in accordance with the legal system of the country in question.
    • Deadline for submission: Permanently open submission deadline
    • How to do it?: The service is accessed for downloading, printing and filling in the document for later presentation in a public registry.


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