FutbolLab offers a full service sports and educational accommodations for teams from all over the world in football clubs from Catalunya. Through collective trainings, with methods based in real game situations and new styles that can be applied y matches against teams of different levels in the city of Barcelona.


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FUTBOLLAB offers a service for teams from all over the world to visit Barcelona, and have the experience of training with most modern spanish football methods, as well as playing matches against different teams of the country of the same level.

We would like for all the members of the teams to train and see how we work here, see what training methods are used by the teams of the region with the objectives of living first hand the experience of real training with some of the most powerful clubs in the world. This way the players will have a complete knowledge of new styles of training that can be taken for the team's country.


In all of this cases, FUTBOLLAB will give support through its virtual campus before, during and after the internship. This way we try to keep up with all the coaches that visit us, follow their development and clear any doubts or help they could have.


There are three types of stays that we offer:

  • - Three day stay: During 3 days the team will work with specialized formation on real game situations which will be complemented with matches against other teams of the region where they can put in practice what they have learned. Also, there will be video and analysis sessions of the teams trainings in order to improve their performance.

  • - Weekly stay: During 7 days the team will receive formation through videos and group training sessions, complemented with matches against teams from the region of the same level. This way the team can put in practice what they have learned first hand by professionals in spanish football.

  • - Ten day stay: This programs are of high specialization and are capable of giving the teams a direct integrated training under real game situations with continuous matches against teams of the region. The aggregated value comes from the knowledge imparted to them on the training grounds from professionals in the area.


In every moment we look to give the best formation, reach maximum efficiency and always work with top level coaches, as well as with the most recognized football clubs.

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