Scouting Technician (University Isabel I)
You will have the opportunity to realize, voluntarily, your practices in different clubs of Barcelona, including to the RCD Espanyol or his schools.
Degree: Técnico
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Scouting Technician (University Isabel I)

    With the Course " Scouting Technician (Isabel I) " we will learn to use the program of cuts and editing, assess each shot and investigate the nooks and crannies of information that each party gives us.

    Learn about the latest audiovisual technology applied to Soccer and learn to edit recordings at the amateur level to interpret the images and analyze all matches. We teach you to extract accurate information for efficient analysis.

    We will be able to analyze more carefully the strategies used by each team and the positioning of each player. All this material is essential for professional teams that require the study of their rivals .

    This course it's oriented to people who have knowledge of football and want to specialize in this fantastic task to know analyse players and teams, providing new knowledges in the methodology of detection of talent and management and paperwork knowledges to manage of football school and youth academy.

    With this material, the student will be able to manage the player selection of an entity, the will see how to value and take efficient conclusions to the player that analyse.

    Therefore, and after of our teaching experience in the world of football and the experience of our employees we decided to create this course, which seeks to give the tools to do the planning, monitoring and evaluation of players to analyse, giving skills to students to have the knowledge necessary to coordinate, lead, manage and evaluate technical secretary, even enabling the student to know how to lead the scouting team coordination.

    This course seeks to achieve professionals who are able to detect, able to see , able to analyse, draw conclusions about the players watched , knowing calibrate the different capabilities of the player, considering its importance and depth ; always in a totally practical methodology, with numerous examples and activities to realise, coordinated by tutor and teacher. 


      • Unit 1: Scouting indication
        • 1.1 ¿What is Scouting?
        • 1.2 The beginning of Scouting
        • 1.3 Justification of Scouting
        • 1.4 Evolution of Scouting

    Unit 2: Kinds of Scouting

        • 2.1 About our team
        • 2.2 About the opponent team
        • 2.3 About the players
        • 2.4 About training

    Unit 3: The Scouting Process

        • 3.1 Documents Period
          • 3.1.1 Compile information
        • 3.2 Recording
          • 3.2.1 Aspects to consider
        • 3.3 Analyse
          • 3.3.1 Conditionals aspects of the game
            • Offensive period
            • Defensive periods
            • The transitions
            • Set pieces plays
          • 3.3.2 Other aspects constraints
      • 3.4 Conclusions / relevant review of all the process

    Unit 4: Making reports

      • 4.1 Document writted
      • 4.2 Visual document
      • 4.3 Audiovisual document

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