Expert Periodization Tactics (Univeristy Isabel I)
You will have the opportunity to realize, voluntarily, your practices in different clubs of Barcelona, including to the RCD Espanyol or his schools.
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Expert Periodization Tactics (Univeristy Isabel I)

    With the Course " Expert in Tactical Periodization (Isabel I) " we will learn to interpret the principles of Football, the strategies to follow, the true technique we want transmit , the paused and intensive training, the coordination of the team, the technical staff and the direction of the sports entity and how to deal with the different problems that arise on a day-to-day basis .

    A course with a more extensive and complete theme . We will deepen the mechanics to follow the scheduled, the feeding of our players and how to train accordingly, to improve as block and reform the whole structure. .

    We will penetrate into 6 different topics, with a vision always identical into what it wraps to this methodology where there exist a few parameters that must follow to come to the aims that the trainer / player / group proposes.

    The course objectives are:

    • Initiate students in Tactical Periodization.
    • Deepen the content in order to have a better view theoretical / general practice of this methodology.
    • Help students to be competent in the matter.
    • Expand knowledge of Tactical Periodization and all surrounding components.

    Topic 1: Theoretical framework encompassing the Tactical Periodization

    Topic 2: Methodological Principles in Tactical Periodization

    Topic 3: The pattern and Subdinámicas Morfociclo training

    Topic 4: Conducting a Game Model.

    Topic 5: The Preparatory and Morfociclo Morfociclo pattern from a practical aspect.

    Topic 6: Creating tasks following the methodological process of Tactical Periodization.

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    Center accredited by Universidad Isabel I

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    RCDE School

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